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Yamato's Factory Move Increased Production Capabilities

A recent change of premises for Leeds-based Yamato Scale Dataweigh UK, a leading manufacturer of quality industrial weighing machines, has significantly improved its production throughput capabilities.

The greater space at the new premises on Millennium Way means that Yamato has increased space to develop work flows and processes that have improved efficiencies in all areas of fabrication and production.

Yamato commercial operations manager Andrea Spencer said: “We were delighted with the move to new premises. The additional space means that we have improved our production capabilities leading to better lead times on orders through enhanced workflow and efficiencies.”

More space in the new factory means that Yamato has increased the efficiency of its production of weighing machines, multihead weighers, check weighers and metal detectors. Increased work flow, even more efficient processes and better capacity means swifter delivery of new machines and faster handling of repairs.

Andrea Spencer added: “Extra space means that we have more capacity than before. This has led to us creating improved work processes which have made the team more efficient across the board.

“Yamato is one of the leading global manufacturers of multihead weighing technology, providing unique and innovative weighing machines to help its customers ensure their packaging processes are as efficient and productive as possible.

“Our ranges of multihead weighers are designed to be energy-efficient, accurate, hygienic and easy to use. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience permits us to design and build customised multihead weighing solutions for a wide range of industry sectors including pharmaceuticals, fresh produce and frozen food, other non-food and hardware.

“The new factory space enables us to develop additional solutions for a wider range of customers even more efficiently than before.”

The new space also allows Yamato to stock more spares and fulfil orders for genuine parts more efficiently.

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