Trade Resources Industry Views Mitsubishi and Ube Industries Merge Injection Moulding Machine Businesses

Mitsubishi and Ube Industries Merge Injection Moulding Machine Businesses

Ube Machinery and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have merged their respective injection moulding machine businesses.

Mitsubishi has restarted its operations with the new structure and corporate name U-MHI Platech.

Ube Machinery has commenced operations with the new name U&M Plastic Solutions, which will market products produced by both firms.

Both firms combined their expertise in technologies, product lineup, and sales and servicing networks to expand business of injection molding machines in the global market.

With the support of both brands, U&M Plastic Solutions will provide technical guidance and consulting services related to the molding of plastic products.

The new unit will help customers to produce better products by responding to on-site needs and resolving associated issues

Both units will also offer superlative proposals and deliver products and services to the customers, helping to improve technological capabilities, product lineup and product servicing.

Earlier, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology is engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of injection molding machines, auxiliary equipment, dies and parts.

Ube Machinery previously is involved in the production and marketing of die casting machines, injection molding machines, extrusion presses, vertical mills, kilns, furnaces, dryers, storage and transportation systems.


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