Trade Resources Industry Views Palladio and E Ink Launch New Pharma Packaging Solution with Sensors

Palladio and E Ink Launch New Pharma Packaging Solution with Sensors

Pharmaceutical packaging provider Palladio Group and electronic ink technology company E Ink have launched PhutureMed, a new pharmaceutical packaging solution.

The new PhutureMed pack comes with E Ink display and sensors that will constantly monitor the conditions of the medication and maintain a log of all events that occur outside the required handling conditions during storage and usage.

The E Ink display module with built-in temperature sensors, timer and activation triggers will continue to display the information even if the battery is drained.

E Ink business development senior director Hui Lee said: "We have always believed that the unique features of E Ink's electronic ink products enable new products that can only be developed using E Ink displays."

PhutureMed can also be programmed to record all accesses to the package providing a time log when the medication was taken by the patient.

This vital information that can be recalled, analyzed and shared with practitioners will help in knowing if the patient has taken the medication at the required times.

Palladio corporate product & innovation manager Gabriele Iannizzotto said: "We always had a vision to incorporate intelligence into our packaging solutions.

"E Ink's low power electronic ink technology was the only display product that provided a rugged, easily visible solution that could deliver the type of product we envisioned."

Palladio operates facilities in Italy, Ireland and Serbia where it produces folding cartons, leaflets, booklets, labels and printed alu-foil for pharma and cosmetic companies worldwide.

The company will also open a new facility in Russia.

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