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Sony's PlayStation Now Has Finally Entered The Current Generation

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The Sony PlayStation Now streaming service was touted as a Netflix of gaming, but since its inception it has existed more as a backwards compatibility method for PS3 titles.

That changes today with Sony is finally adding PS4 games into the monthly all-you-can-play subscription service.

In Europe, 51 titles from the current-gen console have been added, while US gamers get 24 PS4 titles to enjoy among the library that now features over 400 games (500 in the US) in total.

Among those PS4 titles on board in both territories are WWE 2K16, Saints Row IV, God of War 3 Remastered, Killzone Shadowfall, F1 2015 and Ultra Street Fighter IV.

The full list is detailed by Sony in this blog post (US).

Sony promises more PS4 titles this year and next and also announced it is offering a full year’s subscription for $99.99 until September 22 this year. New subscribers will get their first month for $9.99 also.

In Europe, it's the usual £12.99/€16.99 per month.

While many of the top titles from the previous generation have landed on PlayStation Now, it still doesn’t match the backwards compatibility option afforded to Xbox One owners.

PS4 owners sill have to pay a monthly fee to play games they may have already bought for the last-gen console. Xbox One owners can access their old Xbox 360 games for free.

Of course, for those folks using PlayStation Now on a PC, PlayStation TV, PS Vita or select Sony and Samsung TVs and Blu-ray players, it’s a chance to experience a massive library of games without the need for a PS3 or PS4.

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