Trade Resources Industry Views Adamson Brings in The New Year with a Big Bang

Adamson Brings in The New Year with a Big Bang

Adamson brought in the New Year with a big bang. Scheduled for 3-4 January 2013, Adamson joined forces with Sound Image to attract local and national engineers, production and hire companies, as well as a large group of the World's top FOH Engineers were flown in from all over the US to attend the Adamson Energia demo.

Adamson Energises New Year in Nashville

The event was held at the Fellowship Church at Two Rivers in Nashville, TN. It was hosted by Jesse Adamson and Matt Gunn from Adamson Systems and Everett Lybolt and Dave Shadoan from Sound Image. Andrew Dowling, Rob Zombie Systems Engineer, did the system design, setup, and provided a complete rigging overview.

"Having used the E15 system on 3 tours, I wanted to share my excitement about the Energia system and the incredible power and pure audio quality with other engineers in a peer to peer environment" Joel Lonky, Rob Zombie FOH Engineer commented.

Twenty-four E15 with 12 x T21 subs were hung in a stereo formation, prototypes of the E12 system were also unveiled and hung in a down fill configuration.

Jon Lemon, FOH Smashing Pumpkins, Janet Jackson was also impressed hearing the system for the first time: "I went (to Nashville) recently to listen to the new E15 speaker cabinets and was knocked out with the definition, in particular in the low mid part of the system, the strength of the low mid component is just so solid. Also the overall imaging across the full spectrum is impressive. The packaging and rigging is so well thought out it will be a dream for the crew deploying it on a daily basis, I'm excited to get my hands on a full E15 system."

FOH engineer for Journey and Queen Extravaganza, James McCullagh noted, "I went down to Nashville to hear the E15, prepared to be impressed, as I am a fan of the Adamson sound. What I wasn't prepared for was the effortless power the system has and studio quality detail that can be heard. It was like listening to a set of near field monitors at 105db, I wanted to reach out and touch the guitar. No other system I've heard has the mid-range punch and definition of the E15, and that is where the art of the mix is made or broken."

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Adamson Energises New Year in Nashville
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