Trade Resources Industry Views Elopak First to Hit One Billion Mark for 100% Renewable Cartons

Elopak First to Hit One Billion Mark for 100% Renewable Cartons

Elopak is the first manufacturer to deliver over one billion 100% renewable cartons after launching beverage cartons featuring certified renewable polyethylene (PE) in 2014.

Elopak's cartons offered with renewable PE, help ensuring resources for future generations. In addition, using a renewable feedstock instead of a fossil one, significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the cartons.

In 2017, the Elopak further improved its renewable offering by introducing new feedstocks for renewable PE. The company chose to change supplier base to widen its offering of renewable PE and now offers two different sources. One is derived from sugar cane, the other is based on tall oil, a residue from pulp and paper production.

Elopak environment interim director Marianne Groven said: “Reaching one billion fully renewable cartons is a major milestone for Elopak and a great contribution to reducing the use of fossil resources.”

By expanding our supplier base, Elopak has been able to widen our offerings.

Sourced from Nordic forests, the tall oil-based feedstock is a residue from pulp and paper production.

This allows Elopak to offer a carton based entirely on wood. The wood is 100% sourced from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources, in accordance with the FSC certification system. The standing timber stock in Nordic countries continues to increase, as annual harvest remains lower than annual growth.

Increased utilization of the Nordic boreal forests is beneficial both to the environment as well as to the raw material supply of Europe, which is highly dependent on imports from outside of the continent.

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