Trade Resources Industry Views Uhlmann Showcases Bottle Line IBC 150 at InterPack 2017 in Germany

Uhlmann Showcases Bottle Line IBC 150 at InterPack 2017 in Germany

Uhlmann has demonstrated its Bottle line IBC 150, which features a Multisorb MultiPacket system dispenser at the interpack 2017.

Multisorb Technologies' Multisorb system pairs the sorbent packets with its APA series of MultiPacket system dispensers for bottle packaging presentations that need the automated insertion of Multisorb's StripPax desiccant, IntelliSorb moisture regulating, and StabilOx oxygen absorbing packets.

Multisorb vice president Adrian Possumato said: "Working closely with Multisorb, Uhlmann has fully integrated a deconstructed version of its model APA 2000 dispenser into its Bottle line IBC 150."

Possumato continued: "The fully integrated APA 2000 and IBC 150 provides Multisorb sorbent packet customers with the end-to-end, efficient approach to drug product bottling operations offered by Uhlmann's bottle line.

“In addition to offering the lowest possible total cost of ownership, it also offers a very positive user experience which is representative of the future of bottling operations.”

Uhlmann’s IBC 150 and IBC 240 are two packaging machines for packaging tablets and capsules in bottles. The machines measure just meters in length and can package at speeds of up to 150 bottles per minute. The machines are claimed to be efficient, flexible and user-friendly.

The machines have features such as format-free bottle transport for continuous product flow. GMP-compliant bench-type design, fast format changeover with few format parts and they can also offer scalable performance.

Uhlmann will showcase the fully integrated Multisorb APA 2000 Multisystem packet dispenser with IBC 150 bottling interface and splicing station cabinet. The splicing cabinet also comes with dry air or inert gas purge, which allows the dispenser to run continuously.

As one packet roll finishes, it is spliced unto the next roll during dispenser operations thereby preventing unnecessary downtime.

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