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Nespresso Introduces Aged Coffee for Originalline and Vertuo Machine Owners

Switzerland-based Nespresso has launched a limited-edition aged coffee for its machines.

Made from fresh Arabica coffee sourced from high in the Colombian mountains and plains, the Selection Vintage 2014 coffees were harvested three years ago and then aged in much the similar way as whisky, fine cheese or cured meats.

OriginalLine and Vertuo aged coffee can be purchased till supplies last at all Nespresso Boutiques, Nespresso Boutique-in-Shop locations, through the Nespresso Club or through the company website.

The price of OriginalLine Selection Vintage 2014 in a sleeve of ten single-serve capsules is $8 while the same quantity of the Vertuo Selection Vintage 2014 costs $12.

Nespresso coffee head Karsten Ranitzsch said that the company wanted to bring out a completely new coffee flavor with distinctive qualities. For this, Ranitzsch said that Nespresso implemented a well-known concept in the food and drink industry and used it to develop the new coffee offering.

Ranitzsch added: “To age the coffee, we needed to start with beans of an exceptional quality and then store them in very specialized conditions that we regulated constantly. Any miniscule change in the moisture, temperature, time, atmospheric pressure, light and oxygen conditions would affect the final taste. This carefully-tailored process has resulted in an outstanding coffee with a very distinct flavor profile."

As per Nespresso, although the coffee in OriginalLine and Vertuo ranges use the same coffee beans, the flavor profiles of Selection Vintage 2014 in each of them differ from the other slightly, owing to different kind of brewing technologies and subtle variations in roasting methods.

To mark the launch of the new coffee product, Nespresso has introduced two Reveal Espresso Intense glasses, priced at $39 for the OriginalLine coffee and available in special gift boxes.

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