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RPC Bebo Develops New Coffee Capsule Material

RPC Bebo, a unit of RPC Group, has developed a new coffee capsule material, B2nature, designed to meet the increasing demand for capsules with sustainable packaging solutions.

The new material can be industrially composted while delivering long-term protection of the contents. It can also withstand the high pressurized operation of coffee machines.

Additionally, the solution is expected to meet continuing demand for single-serve drinks system.

The B2nature features a special multilayer sheet that incorporates an oxygen barrier to deliver a long shelf-life and maintain the aroma and quality of the coffee in the capsule.

RPC Bebo said that the during a 12-week of industrial composting, capsules made from B2nature left minimal amount of material, certifying the capsule’s ability of industrial composting as per the European and US regulations.

RPC Bebo thermoformed barrier packaging business unit manager Matthias Michaelis said: “B2nature means consumers can benefit from the convenience of small portion packs by providing a sustainable means of disposing of them.

“Equally important, the material also offers the high level of protection that means the freshness, aroma and quality of the coffee are not compromised."

Earlier this year, RPC Bebo Bouxwiller has designed a new 750g tub and lid for French firm Graindorge’s traditional premium crème fraiche.

RPC Bebo produces thermoformed packaging products, which can be used for different markets such as spreads, fresh, frozen and ambient shelf stable foods, coffee capsules, vending cups and dairy products.

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