Trade Resources Industry Views After The Flagship Machine Is Curved Screen?

After The Flagship Machine Is Curved Screen?

After The Flagship Machine Is Curved Screen?

Curved screen

The curved screen, there was not to be optimistic, is now hot fried, with Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, HUAWEI Mate9, millet Note 2 Pro, vivo Xplay6 and other hot models and more and more attention by consumers.

Indeed, the curved screen gives the beauty and the possibility of more mobile phone, it allows us to see the face of the mobile phone screen outside the screen in the form; but in addition to the "Yan" and no other effect has become one of the important reasons it criticized. So, curved screen is able to become the future of mobile phone screen it?

This year's MWC World Mobile Communications Conference, Samsung's S7 edge Galaxy with its stunning double curved surface design has almost become the focus of attention of all people.

More perfect arc and double sided glass body design just right reflects the advantage of the double curved screen.

And set high value \/ high configuration \/ waterproof \/ take pictures and so on a number of advantages in the S7 edge Galaxy also has no doubt become in recent years, Samsung's most popular mobile phone products.

But many people do not know is that more than three years ago, Samsung will first curved screen mobile phone Galaxy Round when presented in front of us, not only have not been recognized by the market, even the cheers are few.

Even follow Samsung to join the surface camp LG in the launch of the two generation of G Flex LG, because the market is not good response, and exit the curved screen mobile phone market.

When we look back to the two mobile phone today, although they are heavy and slightly comical appearance do not love, but it is also a basis for these products, will have today's curved screen mobile phone.

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Samsung Round Galaxy

After The Flagship Machine Is Curved Screen?_2

G Flex LG

In the next few years, Samsung launched Galaxy Note\/S version of edge, but the first single surface design is still not recognized by the market, until the double glass, double surface design Galaxy S6 edge release, curved screen design is gradually being recognized by the public.

Samsung edge S7 released this year, as well as Note 7 (already delisting) is gradually the surface design to the mainstream, after the edge S7 release, more and more mobile phone manufacturers began to join the camp of the hyperbolic cell phone.

Supporters: Yan value is king

For hyperboloid screen surrounded, hyperboloid screen is what they want to see in the future form of mobile phone.

Indeed, as the mobile phone industry continues to mature, even photos and other popular hardware and software functions are already no longer is the best way to pull the difference between the products, this kind of background, "curved screen design" the new form of mobile phone is undoubtedly the best choice for mobile phone differentiated on the road.

Although enough to design more color products of curved screen, but it is also on the mobile phone manufacturers to design a test of ability. Take Samsung, after several generations of products to launch a satisfactory surface products, the accumulation process is that many manufacturers do not have the.

In the future, this technology will further precipitation or pull between the various manufacturers of the gap, in this context, "Yan value is king" is still able to speak through, but manifests the technical strength, is the mobile phone manufacturers, which perhaps will also become an important reference many consumers want to buy a mobile phone when the.

Not only that, as a kind of OLED, curved screen is also very good to promote the development of the OLED screen. Although Samsung AMOLED as the representative of the OLED screen has demonstrated its value, but there is still no fermentation to replace the traditional LCD screen, in this context, OLED display has more form will undoubtedly become the best weapon to overwhelm the LCD display.


Practicality is still the biggest obstacle to the popularity of curved screen

And for the pragmatism, the vase type of OLED may have a big gap with what they imagined future phone. The reason, no less than the following: still did not find enough to carry the weight of the function, the Yi Sui problem can not be resolved as well as from the future of the variable is still unable to predict.

From the application of the current situation, the Samsung AMOLED curved screen Samsung, vivo and other brands, millet using LG OLED curved screen do not seem to find the curved screen application scenarios more appropriate, although Samsung and vivo have adopted a "side drawer" in the surface models of its own, but with this level of software most users still conquer optimization is a very difficult thing.

We mentioned that the fragile, I believe that many users have been feeling.

In the non special circumstances (special case refers to the MOTO X very similar Royal technology this sacrificial experience and better toughness, screen technology) mobile phone screen accounted for the higher risk of broken screen more often;

While the double curved surface of the characteristics of the screen to increase the risk of broken screen, for the pragmatism, there is no practical use only to increase the use of risk is clearly not a wise choice.

Not only that, the TV display OLED display panel is used on the surface before this, the fundamental reason is that the more inward surface design can fit the human eye's visual effect, and the curved screen on a mobile phone, not only do not have this advantage, even brought some "negative" effect.

Compared to more than three still have a way to solve the problem, the future seems to be the most impossible to predict the surface of the screen is also the biggest challenger.

Only three years, curved screen has completed the development of large-scale application by the attempt, from the current situation, the common OLED screen formal popularity time required for perhaps three years is still not enough, such a situation, said curved screen will be the future of mobile phone screen is a bit too hasty.

On the current situation, MIX millet as the representative of the full screen mobile phone, mobile phone similar Nubian Z11 without borders even yet touch to the edge of the folding screen mobile phone, in the future are likely to become curved screen rival. If you let us now for the next conclusion, perhaps no one can give the correct answer.


The value of curved surface screen is worth affirmation

But no matter how, after several years of development, the curved screen still allows us to see the important value of it.

The surface of the screen in the future one day may be covered by the history of the development of mobile phone in the past, but for the people of our generation, it is for the whole mobile phone industry innovation and its value in the history of the amazing pen, will still stay in our this generation of person's heart, just like NOKIA, never go away.

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