Trade Resources Industry Views Imprimerie Billet Installs Codimag's VIVA 340 Aniflo Press at French Facility

Imprimerie Billet Installs Codimag's VIVA 340 Aniflo Press at French Facility

Champagne wines label supplier Imprimerie Billet has installed Codimag VIVA 340 Aniflo press with inline finishing capabilities, at its Damery facility in France.

The Aniflo technology uses waterless offset inks and plates with a simple anilox delivery system that can supply a uniform amount of ink along and across the web. Each cylinder is said to have the same diameter and it ensures a controllable level of ink to be delivered across the web.

In addition, the VIVA 340 Aniflo press has two foiling stations, one flat-bed, one rotary along with flexo varnishing and semi-rotary screen printing.

Codimag VIVA Aniflo is also claimed to a custom-designed press and it complements eight of the existing offset and flexo machines at Imprimerie Billet’s factory. Billet also has an automatic waterless offset plate-making system installed.

Data processing with Esko Equinox lets for fast pre-press workflow, resulting in time less than 30 minutes from uploading the file to the first print. The print system can produce 350 million labels per year, 90% of which are self-adhesive.

Imprimerie Billet managing director Arnold Deregnaucourt said: “Codimag’s Aniflo combined the high definition of offset and the easy operation of flexo.

“Though a new concept, Aniflo is based on our two core processes. Our operators have many years’ experience of anilox-based printing, so there was a relatively low training requirement. Thanks also to its straightforward prepress workflow, we were able to integrate it smoothly into our operations.”

Deregnaucourt explained that producing labels for Champagne has its own challenges and stated that there are three important requirements to be considered. He explained saying: “Aesthetic appeal is a given; in addition, there are strict legislative requirements, such as the provision of alcohol content and health warnings.

“Thirdly, it must meet mechanical demands - performing smoothly on the converting and label application line, so that a perfect laydown is achieved. The look of perfection must also provide resistance to moisture, humidity and abrasion because of the exceptional bottle weight.”

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