Trade Resources Industry Views Hennessy Introduced Coats X-Series Tire Changers and Proguard Plus Leverless Tire Changer

Hennessy Introduced Coats X-Series Tire Changers and Proguard Plus Leverless Tire Changer

Hennessy says the ProGuard Plus is designed for tire dealers who do large custom wheel work or high performance wheel fitments. The second roller was added to help with the bead loosening process and mounting/demounting process. The bottom disk can be used to roll the bottom bead off.

Hennessy Industries Inc. introduced the latest version of its Coats X-Series tire changers and its new ProGuard Plus leverless tire changer at the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, Nev.

The X-Series has been refreshed to include new features and increased clamping capacity. The new ProGuard Plus leverless tire changer is designed to make servicing advanced applications easier for technicians, according to the company.

The new tire changes will be available for purchase in December.

Hennessy says the X-Series tire changers now come standard with a best-in-class clamping range of 6 to 24 inches, and also offer the following new features:

* hybrid duckhead feature, which is exclusive to Coats, has a gloating tail that conforms to the rim to mirror its radius and place tire in optimal position for installation;

* single-point bead blast feature, also exclusive to Coats, provides a powerful, concentrated blast to seat beads more quickly;

* manual bead depressor and duckhead roller combo feature ensures the bead stays in the drop center and the tire bead does not roll back over duckhead; and

*hybrid leverless power duckhead feature, which is exclusive to Coats, positions the bead in the optimal position for less bead stress during installation or removal.

"The X-Series has been one of our most popular products for years because of its durability and capability to tackle a wide variety of applications," says Kevin Keefe, vice president of marketing.

"The new X-Series machines are even better because we've added even more advanced features and capability to help shops get the job done right the first time."

The ProGuard Plus Leverless tire changer is an advanced version of the Coats' brand current ProGuard tire changer, and is designed to tackle the most advanced applications in the industry.

The ProGuard Plus comes fully equipped with the following features:

*pneumatic wheel clamping system that is faster and easier to use than manual systems and provides more reliable and consistent clamping force to prevent slippage;

*dual bead roller system that delivers productivity gains by increasing changing speed and makes the unit match mount-capable; and

*auxiliary bead depressor, an assist tool that locks into the tower assembly to help keep the bead in the drop center without coming into contact with the face or the spokes of the rim.

"Shops are seeing more advanced applications come through their doors, such as run-flat and low-profile assemblies," says Keefe.

"The ProGuard Plus leverless tire changer takes the manual effort out of the changing process while also protecting tires and rims, so technicians will consider it their best friend when it comes to advanced applications."

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