Trade Resources Industry Views Samsung Reveals That Its Biggest Competitor in The TV Space Is in Fact Itself

Samsung Reveals That Its Biggest Competitor in The TV Space Is in Fact Itself

Samsung has revealed that its biggest competitor in the TV space is in fact itself.

The South Korean tech giant unveiled a raft of TVs at this year’s CES 2015, apparently in a bid to outdo its own product portfolio.

The egotistic chatter comes courtesy of Boo-keun Yoon, Samsung’s co-CEO and head of consumer electronics, as reported by Cnet.

“Our biggest competitor is ourselves, and my biggest worry is that we will become vain,” explained Yoon. “The consumers’ eyes are way ahead of us. We have to be able to overcome ourselves, and that is the biggest competition for us.

This year’s CES saw Samsung unveil its quantum dot SUHD series of TVs, as well as announcing that all of this year’s smart TVs would run off its own custom-built Tizen OS.

There were impressive offerings from other companies too, namely Sony, LG, and Panasonic, however Samsung seems unfazed by the competition.

“We are No. 1 for the ninth straight year. So instead of focusing on what others might come out with, we focus on what we make,” continued Yoon.

“What is most important in TVs is watching the content, the videos, and movies. For the consumers to feel this, the picture quality of the TV is important.”

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So what did we see from the rest of tech-dom in terms of TVs at CES? Well Sony managed to wow crowds with the ultra-slim X90C TV, boasting a thickness of just 4.3mm – that’s more svelte than an Xperia Z3 smartphone.

LG announced seven flexible 4K TVs this year, ranging from 55-inches to 77-inches.

Then there was Panasonic, which made the frankly oddball move of revealing that all of its 2015 smart TVs would run off Mozilla’s Firefox OS. Those crazy kids.

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Samsung Says Its Bigger TV Competitor Is Samsung