Trade Resources Industry Views GaN-on-GaN in Potential Use for Lighting

GaN-on-GaN in Potential Use for Lighting

GaN-on-GaN technology can be used to grow blue-light laser as a source of lighting with luminous efficiency of 220lm/W, said 2014 Nobel laureate in physics Shuji Nakamura in a speech given inTaipei recently.

Nakamura, currently a professor with the University of California, Santa Barbara, said 2-inch GaN substrates are used in the technology currently, but the size may increase to six-inch. In terms of application to lighting, blue-light laser is better than LED in luminous efficiency and lighting quality, Nakamura indicated.

Taiwan-based LED epitaxial wafer and chip maker Epistar financially sponsors Nakamura's GaN-on-GaN laboratory on a long-term basis in an attempt to step in blue-light laser development.

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GaN-on-GaN in Potential Use for Lighting, Says Nobel Laureate
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