Trade Resources Industry Views Dongfeng Liuqi Rolls out New Vehicles for Dregs Transportation

Dongfeng Liuqi Rolls out New Vehicles for Dregs Transportation

Along with the acceleration of China's urbanization, the rising standards for safety and environmental protection, the third generation of vehicles specially used for dregs transportation are embracing a dynamic era of fast growth. Dongfeng Liuqi recently rolled out a new version of vehicles for the transportation of dregs, pushing the whole industry to a new height.

While setting the environmental friendliness as its top priority, Dongfeng Liuqi adopts electrically controlled engine + SCR technology + exhaust treatment device in the production of its latest vehicles for dregs transportation. Tests suggest, the new vehicle cut the emission of PM2.5 by 85%. In addition, a number of intelligent systems, such as Beidou automatic monitoring system, driver finger print identification, top lid automatic sealing system, container lifting control system, circuit layout, automatic speed limit system and forbidden dumping zone control system, are eye-catching highlights of the new vehicle. Thanks to all of these state-of-art technologies, the vehicle indeed has lived up to its name as an intelligent robot, helping operators monitor and manage drivers and vehicles themselves. The vehicle can effectively help operators solve a number of challenges, significantly improving the work efficiency.

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