Trade Resources Industry Views Jiefang China V J6 Navigator Tractor Debuts In Shanghai Promotion Conference

Jiefang China V J6 Navigator Tractor Debuts In Shanghai Promotion Conference

The promotion conference of FAW Jiefang China V tractor was held in Shanghai which is the center of economy, finance, trade and navigation in China and famous as Oriental Paris on March, 18th, 2016. J6 Navigator was debut again. And mysterious gusts also attended this promotion conference to support Jiefang China V tractor.

Mr. Zhao, the minister of Jiefang Group said, the year of 2016 is the one that Jiefang Group adapts to the New Normal and break through the New Normal. And it is also the one that Jiefang Group makes great efforts in the 13th “Five-year Plan” and leaps over the 13th “Five-year Plan”. FAW Jiefang builds up and carries out the environmental friendly development idea, and actively respond to the national advocating of “China V Emission Standards. It rolled out Jiefang Navigator. The sales volume of this truck mode was beyond 10,000 sets by the end of 2015. This achievement embodies that the sense of protecting environment has been enhanced. Meanwhile, it also proved the national responsibility and high quality of Jiefang J6 Navigator.

Lecturer said, Jiefang J6 Navigator “China V” tractor is equipped with Xichai 11L engine, the global most advanced fuel distribution structure of 24VDOHC, and exclusive FCCT combustion controlling technology. Those can guarantee ample fuel supply and complete fuel atomization, and finally to achieve the great power and high fuel-saving performance of engine. Besides, the low emission pollution is helpful to protect environment.

The debut of Jiefang “China V” tractor in Shanghai was perfectly finished at the sales volume of 73 sets.

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