Trade Resources Industry Views DS Smith's Rapak Unit Introduces New Evacustrip Beverage Bag

DS Smith's Rapak Unit Introduces New Evacustrip Beverage Bag

DS Smith Plastics business unit Rapak North America has introduced EvacuStrip dip strip technology beverage bag for bag-in-box packaging formats.

The dip strip  rigid and rectangular evacuation assistance device in the bag enables convenient dispensing of traditional post-mix syrup and evacuate pulpy juice or highly viscous liquids.

The company is providing EvacuStrip bags for bag-in-box in a variety of sizes. 

According to the company, EvacuStrip bags are durable and puncture resistant and dip strip allows to evacuate highly viscous liquids in bag-in-box configuration packaging in excess of 99.6% at any orientation compared against standard post-mix bags.

Rapak’s EvacuStrip can be used with NSF approved PCSS+ Line-side connectors, enabling to provide the full-system solution for bag-in-box dispensing.

In March this year, Rapak North America launched redesigned and NSF approved PCSS+ line side connector for bag-in-box applications.

Rapak North America also produces DuraBev beverage bags for bag-in-box packaging formats.

The company has designed new packaging solution for BIB applications such as post-mix syrup and juices.

Available in different sizes and bag fitments, DuraBev uses embossed film technology that enables to improve more evacuation performance than standard post-mix bags.

DS Smith’s plastic division manufactures flexible packaging, filling equipment, liquid dispensers, rigid packaging returnables and foam products.

Rapak produces different types of bags, including standard, aseptic, Intasept and bulk. It also produces different types of films to be used for liquids.

Its product portfolio include multi-layered metallised polyester, EVOH or PE bags, polyethylene films such as LLDPE, MLDPE, HDPE, nylon or LLDPE films laminate and foil laminates.

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