Trade Resources Industry Views HB Fuller Has Announced Two Advances for The Liquamelt Adhesive System

HB Fuller Has Announced Two Advances for The Liquamelt Adhesive System

HB Fuller has announced two advances for the Liquamelt adhesive system. The bulk feed option that helps to avoid on-floor staff to refill the adhesive reservoir and a gateway I/O option that will permit the system's operation to be monitored by the packaging machine control system.

According to the global adhesives provider, the bulk feed capability is achieved by the delivery of the adhesive in a large container that is replaced when emptied.

The capability allows containers to be located remotely and the adhesive to be transferred from the sealed containers to the packaging machines safely, through common non-heated fluid hoses.

Heated transport hoses are not required as Liquamelt adhesive is supplied at room temperature and heated before application by the Turboactivator technology located inside the packaging machine.

Three bulk container sizes 30l drum, 50 gallon drum and 2,500 pound tote are offered, which maintain the Liquamelt system's cool on delivery - hot on demand operating approach.

The gateway I/O option, which enables external communication and provides machine health status, will allow monitoring of the adhesive system by the OEM equipment and ensure line operation.

HB Fuller business development manager/Liquamelt Dave Mancuso commenting on the advancements said: "These new features, when combined with the potential energy savings, maintenance savings, safety and eco-advantages of the Liquamelt cool adhesive technology, present a compelling alternative to traditional hot melt adhesive sealing."

Liquamelt adhesive system serves as an alternative to hot melt sealing that delivers up to a 50% improvement in mileage per pound and up to a 50% reduction or more in energy costs compared to traditional hot melt.



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Hb Fuller Launches Improved Options for Liquamelt Adhesive System