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Osram Increases Supoort of Light Test Campaigns in More European Countries

OSRAM has supporting the Light Test campaign in Germany for many years. During the Light Test campaign from the 1st. to the 31st. October drivers can have their lights checked free of charge in many registered vehicle workshops or garages throughout the country. OSRAM as the global leader in innovative vehicle lighting, is a supporter of these activities. During the campaign period OSRAM provides special car lamp packages of the most common types.

Good example is to be followed

Based on the German concept, which has proved to be very successful, other European countries are joining with similar campaigns. Countries like Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania has already started similar campaigns recently in co-operation with local Ministry of Transportation. In all above mentioned countries OSRAM is a key partner of the campaign.

An important contribution to traffic safety

The Light Test makes an important contribution to traffic safety. Because incorrectly set or only partly functioning headlights can, in the worst case, cause an accident. According to the Deutsche Verkehrssicherheitsrat (DVR) [German Traffic Safety Council] more than a third of all traffic fatalities take place in darkness. For this reason, car drivers should not only take account of the quality of their vehicle light, but they should also be regularly screened by an expert.

The annual Light Test shows, time and again, that relamping is required on more than a third of lighting systems screened.

Functioning vehicle lighting is a prerequisite for road safety. But dazzling oncoming traffic by incorrectly adjusted headlights and self-dazzling, in fog for example, increase the danger of an accident. This can be avoided by correct headlight adjustment. The statistics from the last Light Test are sobering: over 35 % of vehicles tested were driving with faulty lights.

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