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True Flagship Showdown Millet Note2 Vs Meizu Plus PRO6

The introduction and comparison of parameters: the debate on the true flagship?

Eloquent network []Due to the legacy of various "historical issues", Meizu and millet since the rise of Chinese intelligent mobile phone industry had been a friend of tit for tat. But the two years of fighting in the mobile phone industry manufacturers, have changed little. Meizu from "small and beautiful boutique brand" into the "Sea King", "born to have a fever the millet is iterative" new domestics department store ", so basically the idea and pattern of the two companies are distinct, but this does not prevent us once again to take out their annual" true flagship "PK - Note vs 2 again millet Meizu PRO 6 Plus.

Although the two companies in 2016 are not satisfactory, but also the same at the end of the year released a big move: millet Note 2 is equipped with a OLED screen hyperboloid LG produced end "no design is the best design, and equipped with a Samsung Exynos 8890 processor Meizu PRO 6 Plus at the end of the Meizu" no flagship "dilemma. It can be said that these two products represent the top level of millet and Meizu production models, then close to 3000 yuan price of the two products, their comprehensive quality who is more prominent?

Next, after comparison of the basic parameters of the two models, one up to understand who is the king of the 3000 yuan mobile phone!

The appearance of contrast: the hyperboloid is better?

2 designs of the Meizu PRO 6 Plus and Note from millet aspects should be said that each one has its own merits. Meizu PRO 6 Plus is simply a "complete" version of the Meizu system -- the design of 2.5D screen, round keys, CNC full metal body, "across the board" antenna, familiar with exquisite design and.

And millet Note 2 for the first time using a double curved screen, and before and after the fuselage is made of glass, the middle of the aluminum alloy frame, compared to the previous generation of products in the design has a great change.

First, comparing the two front design, Meizu PRO 6 Plus and Note 2 in the millet layout is similar, with positive Home key fingerprint recognition, the top handset, camera (Note2 millet Meizu PRO 6 Plus 8 million pixels, 5 million pixels) and hidden light \/ distance sensor, which is compared with the current a common design language.

The difference is millet Note hyperboloid screen 2 enhances its body recognition, Meizu PRO 6 Plus although in today's eyes design is still outstanding, but the difference between the basic level of the technology makes it slightly in appearance on the momentum of decline.

The two key design is also somewhat different, millet Note key small area 2, slightly convex edge, color in glass panel black to light; Meizu PRO 6 Plus is still a concave design, key area, surrounding the metal ring is black. But the keys feel, Meizu PRO 6 Plus overall flexibility, the key process is moderate, the fingers can cover large areas, and millet Note 2 Pianying button, keys shorter fingers, small coverage area, comfort is obviously better meizu.

Screen display, millet 2 Note with a resolution of 1080P 5.7 inch LG OLED curved screen, PPI 380+, has a high contrast, high saturation characteristics of OLED screen special, but because of its large screen size, millet Note 2 resolution and some deficiencies, the screen look carefully will find more obvious grain.

Meizu Samsung 2K Super AMOLED resolution screen, in fine screen is significantly better than millet Note 2, the maximum brightness of the Meizu color was more accurate, and millet Note 2 screen is somewhat green, even without contrast can also feel the screen quality is significantly weaker than that in the Meizu PRO 6 Plus.

In addition, because the millet Note 2 with a double curved surface screen, although the perception is more brisk, but at the time of holding a false touch some (Palm meat on the touch screen), can alleviate this situation wearing protective shell, compared with the Meizu PRO6 Plus not worry about this problem.

The edge of the button (the power button + button), Meizu PRO 6 Plus still has a good feel, key process, springback control is good, millet Note 2 still has a key process is relatively short and solid enough to handle, the button width is relatively narrow, so in this key hand the whole Meizu still wins.

The top of the border, Meizu only a noise reduction Mic, and millet Note 2 contains the infrared transmitter, noise reduction Mic, 3.5mm headphone hole, in the function of the remote control function or more of the more practical.

Border bottom, millet Note 2 using a loudspeaker and a microphone design of symmetrical, intermediate for the Type-C interface; Meizu is asymmetric design, overall layout of millet Note 2 to be more excellent, Meizu PRO 6 Plus is a little messy.

The back of the design is the two material of the competition, but in the back of the curvature, the curvature of millet Note 2 to be greater, but the bending part is located on the edge of the fuselage, Meizu CNC metal back is the whole. From the actual hand, glass millet Note 2 is more gentle, the greater curvature of the more fit the palm, full metal Meizu is compared with another texture, but feel really compared to some of the weak Note millet 2.

The camera part, the processing is relatively close, using the CD texture, because Meizu has four axis optical image stabilization, camera is more outstanding, but the lower ring flash and laser focusing module, 2 Note of millet compared to the color temperature of the flash and regain a bureau.

Summary:Overall, millet and Meizu PRO 6 Note 2 Plus in appearance, Meizu has better work each one has its own merits, and the key handle, design 2 millet Note is more outstanding, and in the sense to be better, but because compared Meizu PRO 6 Plus inferior more screen quality, so the appearance of comparison, millet Note 2 PRO 6 Plus to slightly lose meizu.

System functions: MIUI 8 overall more advantage

Flyme and MIUI who better use in fact has been a topic of debate, MIUI features many, running smoothly but slightly bloated, Flyme simple and beautiful, easy to operate, but the functionality is relatively weak.

As the author of this Meizu PRO 6 Plus has not been pushed to the new Flyme 6, so in this regard to make a simple comparison, to be the next Meizu PRO 6 Plus upgrade system will do more detailed evaluation.

Comparison of the main interface can actually reflect the overall style of the two mobile phone, Meizu tend to be more irregular and more recognizable style, but millet Note 2 MIUI 8 is more uniform, feel comfortable.

Sliding feel, Meizu PRO 6 Plus and millet Note 2 are very comfortable, but the Meizu feel biased towards the bright, millet Note 2 is more delicate, and the animation on MIUI 8 animation effects are clearly more comfortable.

Function, indeed millet Note 2 is much better than the current Flyme Meizu PRO 6 Plus 5.2, for example, Meizu is proud of the mBack function, with a touch back, press the main interface, fingerprint identification (support Alipay, WeChat payment), multi task from the bottom of the screen is open.

Millet and Note 2 can not only use the conventional triple mode (multi tasking, Home, return), you can also start with the Meizu PRO 6 Plus similar to the single button mode, can also touch back, press the main interface, but the multi task for double open. In this regard, you can see the difference between the two concepts: to give you a good use; millet: to you all.

The other is to better reflect the differences in interaction and function, millet Note 2 MIUI 8 support small screen mode (Home button at the left and right sliding), Flyme 5.2 does not support MIUI; 8 with application of "double" and "mobile phone icons, can open the same four applications, Flyme 5.2 does not support; MIUI 8 supports millet roaming, travel abroad to buy traffic packages, Flyme 5.2 does not support MIUI; 8 has a universal remote control function, Flyme 5.2 from the hardware does not support, etc..

Of course, Meizu is not entirely lost in terms of functionality, such as Meizu PRO 6 Plus support information screen view function, the use of the characteristics of AMOLED, but millet Note 2 is not supported.

Summary:Overall, the 2 gap is still very obvious Meizu PRO 6 Plus in terms of features and millet Note overall, although the user may think you use that much, but in the foundation to ensure the fluency and stability, the stronger the function of natural experience is good, not to the Meizu Flyme after the upgrade perhaps the situation will have a new effect.

Photograph: vs IMX318 IMX386

Meizu PRO 6 Plus uses a Meizu MX6, Meizu PRO and 6S on the SONY IMX386 sensor camera, 12 million pixels, using a new ISP support, four axis optical anti shake; millet Note 2 is SONY IMX 318 pixel sensor, 22 million 560 thousand. From the sensor area, parameters of 6S Meizu PRO IMX386 units are better than the pixel size of IMX318 pixels, coupled with the relatively low, the amount of light to more.

The camera function, and millet Note Meizu PRO 6 Plus 2 support HDR, each one has its own merits, a variety of filters, panorama mode, beauty camera, in this respect rather than hard power both in the imaging aspects we mainly see.

Summary: Meizu PRO 6 Plus a IMX386 with the new ISP, remarkable in imaging quality overall, especially in the dark to sample significantly better; millet Note 2 in the light conditions are good with the screen resolution is better, but the photos look at Meizu to comprehensive ability is more outstanding.

Performance: full blood 821 Xiaolong stronger

Meizu PRO 6 Plus as finally equipped with a Samsung Exynos 8890 processor called Meizu this year's "true flagship", but the author in the hands of this machine is the 4GB+64GB memory version, Exynos M1 2.0GHz x4+Cortex-A53 core 1.5GHzx4, Mali-T880 MP10 GPU,Compared to the standard version of the 4GB+128GB version is reduced frequency version.

Millet and Note 2 is equipped with a full version of the blood 2.35GHz quad core snapdragon 821 processor, with 4 Qualcomm independent research and development of the Kryo core, GPU is robust to Adreno 520. The full version of the blood Qualcomm Xiaolong 821 and down board of the Samsung Exynos 8890, even if not run can also learn millet Note 2 in terms of performance is more strong.

Run the software, Meizu PRO 6 Plus Tutu score of 11 was about 2 Note, millet reached 15 extremely high, the gap is still quite obvious, and the reduced frequency of Exynos 8890 Meizu not unrelated.

Practical experience, Meizu PRO 6 Plus in the daily program to open the speed and running speed and millet Note 2 is not significantly different, but in the operation of "real racing 3" such a large-scale 3D games, the overall performance is better than the fluency of the Meizu PRO 6 Plus Note 2 GPU millet and more powerful the low resolution of the screen brings, but Meizu PRO 6 Plus better screen for its back with some score.

Life, Meizu PRO 6 Plus uses a 3400mAh battery, support mCharge fast charging, charging the highest power of 24W; millet Note 2 is using a 4070mAh battery, the highest support 18W fast charging in endurance, millet Note battery more 2 gave the author a better than expected.

But in the actual experience, thanks to the Meizu PRO 6 Plus built-in underclocking version of the Samsung Exynos 8890 processor, and the 14nm process, in 30 minutes of continuous game ("3 minutes" +30 real racing video ("Mermaid" Youku online play) the endurance test, Meizu PRO 6 Plus battery from 50% to 36%, and millet PRO 6 Plus from 50% down to 34%, but better than millet Meizu life, despite leading the magnitude is not large, but even if only the 3400mAh battery capacity and 2K screen, full optimization can also exhibit good endurance.

Note 2, under the Meizu PRO 6 Plus)
Summary:This link is really not much suspense, using Qualcomm snapdragon 821 processor millet 2 Note in the running of process and practical experience have a certain advantage, but Meizu PRO 6 although the performance of Plus is weaker than the former, but in the short life test instead of just a little better.

Comprehensive comparison: 3000 yuan price who can win?

Millet and Meizu PRO 6 Note 2 Plus two models can be said to be the two inclination to build the flagship model of production, from many aspects of system design, and performance shows millet and Meizu in the mobile phone industry through years of accumulation, but not a mobile phone is perfect, these two models are different the flash point in different aspects, but also have the corresponding shortcomings, according to the comparison between the performance of the test, and the correlation in the whole weight of do a simple scoring table.

Through the comparison we can find that the millet Note 2 with beautiful curved screen brings excellent texture, easy to use MIUI 8, excellent performance, lower price and so on, the big score is better than 6 Plus above the Meizu PRO, Meizu, while taking photos on the quality, life is relatively better, but from the overall performance is compared millet Note 2 is slightly inadequate, but it also scored just a reference, the specific performance or if you are very concerned about It differs from man to man., such as quality, fine screen care, so Meizu PRO 6 Plus in this area will greatly exceed the score of millet Note 2, who might win the final.

In short, millet Note 2 or Meizu PRO 6 Plus can be said to be rare in the price of excellent products, the two brands witnessed the rise of China's smart phones, but also affect the trend of the smart phone industry. Although the market competition has become intense, but the future of the intelligent mobile phone industry will continue toward the higher dimensional direction (such as CPU, panel technology) to develop and maintain vitality, whether millet or Meizu, is still a long way to go.

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