Trade Resources Industry Views CUI Global's Subsidiary Orbital Gas Systems Ltd. to Provide System Integration Capability

CUI Global's Subsidiary Orbital Gas Systems Ltd. to Provide System Integration Capability

CUI Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: CUI), a platform company dedicated to the acquisition, development, and commercialization of new, innovative products and technologies, today announced that, effective September 2013, its wholly owned subsidiary, Orbital Gas Systems Ltd., has reached an agreement to provide system integration capability to Yokogawa Electric Corporation ( for its products within the United Kingdom.  In the initial phase of this new relationship, Yokogawa has awarded Orbital a contract to supply various systems encompassing Yokogawa instruments for one of their largest clients within the petrochemical industry.

The agreement and new relationship gives increased weight to Orbital-UK's ever growing versatility and ability to work in new industry areas and with new partners and clients.  This is a corner stone of Orbital-UK's past and present growth.  Orbital-UK's 30 years of experience in providing innovative engineering solutions and its ability to consistently deliver projects on time, within budget and with unrivalled build quality, coupled with Yokogawa's diverse and large range of high quality products will ensure that end-users receive an engineered solution to meet their process requirements.

"We are pleased by Yokogawa's decision to appoint Orbital as a system integration partner for the UK," commented Orbital-UK's managing director, Andrew Ridge.  "Although in its early stages we feel very confident that this will be a long and mutually beneficial relationship between the two companies."

Neil Stuchbury, Orbital-UK's sales director added, "We are a growing organization, with many exciting opportunities ahead.  This partnership with Yokogawa is an excellent example of our ambition to extend our portfolio in supporting industry leading clients like Yokogawa Electric Corporation and its UK subsidiary.  The partnership with Yokogawa also emphasizes Orbital's expertise, ambition and growing worldwide reputation."

In a related event, Orbital-UK also recently was awarded a contract to design, build and supply LPG and Liquid Propane odorization systems for a West African Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Liquid Propane storage plant.  Orbital-UK will be working closely with several organizations to ensure its high quality engineered and safe solutions are delivered within the agreed program.

Export of these odorization systems is a significant milestone for Orbital-UK.  These are the first such systems that Orbital-UK will be making for use outside of the United Kingdom.  The solutions will be delivered Q1 2014 and are a very important part of the West African site infrastructure.  The project is valued at approximately £800,000 ($1,275,000) to Orbital-UK.

CUI Global's president & CEO, William Clough, stated that, "Orbital's experience in the UK is second to none in designing and implementing odorization systems.  It has been responsible for implementing the vast majority of Natural Gas Odorization plants in the UK and has maintained those plants for over 15 years now.  It is now time to include this key area of business in the UK into the global marketplace and this West African project is an excellent starting point."

"This new relationship with Yokogawa and the West African project are all indicators of the continuing value of the Orbital-UK acquisition.  We believe that, as we expand Orbital-UK's product portfolio globally, along with the impact of the VE-Probe and GasPT2 Technologies, the acquisition will only increase our ability to grow and enhance shareholder value in the future," Clough concluded.

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Cui Global's Subsidiary, Orbital Gas Systems Ltd., Announces New Relationship with Yokogawa United Kingdom Ltd. and First Export of Its Natural Gas Od
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