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Complementing The Expanded Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution

Complementing the Expanded Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution are New Charged Surface Hybrid Particle Column and GlycoWorks Kit for Glycan Preparation.

Waters Corporation have reinforced its commitment to advancing biotherapeutic characterisation technology at the Well Characterized Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals 2013 Symposium (WCBP 2013). More specifically, Waters® have introduced an expansion of its Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution with UNIFI®, new ACQUITY UltraPerformance LC® (UPLC®)CSH130 C18 and XSelect™ HPLC CSH130 C18 columns for peptide mapping, and three GlycoWorks™ kits for glycan labelling and sample preparation.

These innovations represent Waters’ continued focus on developing targeted solutions for developers of biotherapeutics and biosimilars, as well as related contract laboratory organisations. These new products further progress routine biotherapeutic analysis, particularly for glycoproteins that require analysis of glycan modifications in addition to detailed protein and peptide level structural analysis. Armed with more rapid and accurate glycosylation knowledge throughout the development and manufacturing process, biopharmaceutical companies can gain a greater degree of control over the critical quality attributes of their molecules. Such capabilities are in-line with increasing regulatory expectations aimed at guaranteeing safe and efficacious biotherapeutics.

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