Trade Resources Industry Views Macroblock and Hawkeye Solution Platform Partners Showcase HD LED Display in Shanghai

Macroblock and Hawkeye Solution Platform Partners Showcase HD LED Display in Shanghai

The exhibition of LED China 2015 in Shanghai brought a perfect ending right before Chinese Mid Autumn Festival. High definition LED displays are everywhere at the show. Exhibitors demonstrated wide applications of high definition LED displays such as interactive LED screens, video walls of control rooms, alternative LED displays to replace LCD or projection screens for meeting rooms and theaters. Fantastic visual experiences must comply with various brightness conditions and adapt to wide range of grayscale images. Along with the seven challenges and solutions of high definition LED displays, Macroblock further launches the “Hawkeye Solution Platform” to deliver the desirable multiplier effects on high definition LED displays. To allow LED display buyers to have a better understanding of Hawkeye Solution Platform, Macroblock made a short video to introduce Hawkeye Solution Platform. This video was firstly broadcasted at Macroblock and “Hawkeye Solution Platform” partners’ booths (Unilumin, LianTronics, Lamp, and Lightking) and made a deep impression among professional audiences at the exhibition.

“Hawkeye Solution Platform” is the best combination of LED driver IC and peripheral IC to improve visual performance of high definition LED display. A high definition LED display adopted with Hawkeye Solution Platform may easily resolve the three major visual problems: ghosting effect, high contrast interference, and bright lines/ cross lines caused by LED dead pixels. Table 1 is the Hawkeye Solution Platform selection guide that gives users a reference to choose for the displays that meet their requirements.


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