Trade Resources Industry Views RPC Corby Delivers Euro Squeeze Bottle for Provil’S Sandwich Creams Sauces Range

RPC Corby Delivers Euro Squeeze Bottle for Provil’S Sandwich Creams Sauces Range

RPC Corby has provided 900g Euro Squeeze multilayer polypropylene bottle for Greek food manufacturer Provil’s new Sandwich Creams sauces range.

Provil has packaged five products in the range in RPC’s bottle, including Tartar, Sundried Tomato, Smokey, Wasabi and Sweet and Spicy Mustard.

RPC’s multilayer PP/EVOH/PP structure is said to offer better protection against oxygen ingress to deliver an expanded ambient shelf for the products.

According to RPC, the bottle’s large labelling area ensures effective on-shelf branding, helping to enhance Provil’s brand image.

Provil marketing coordinator Hara Kougiournitzi said: “The Euro Squeeze bottle is lightweight, easy to use and squeezable, making it the ideal solution for both professional and home use.”

RPC offers Euro Squeeze range in a range of sizes as per the individual customer requirements.

RPC Corby, which is part of the RPC M&H division, produces various bottles products such as eurosqueeze bottle, eclipse bottle, hercules bottle, orion bottle, squeeze bottle and thermic juice bottle.

RPC Corby also produces jar products, including standard jar, thermic jar, bear jar, classic jar finesse jar and sapphire jar.

With a turnover of around €4bn per annum, RPC Group provides plastic solutions for packaging and non-packaging markets.

RPC operates seven divisions, including PC Ace, RPC Bebo, RPC bpi group, RPC Bramlage, RPC M&H, RPC Promens and RPC Superfos.

With 12 manufacturing facilities, RPC M&H division produces anticounterfeit closures, bottles, canisters, dosing devices, e-cig, jars, PET aerosols, plastic tubes, pots, tubs and vials, reforms, refillable bottles and  glass, roll-ons or single-serve packaging.

The division also offers matching screw caps, including tamper-evident and child-resistant, overcaps, flip-top and disc-top caps, fitments, droppers and plugs. It also manufactures dispensers such as triggers, pumps and sprayers.

RPC M&H division supplies its packaging solutions to the global, regional and local brands in personal care, healthcare, food, beverage, home care and industrial markets.

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