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AR Packaging Introduces Fully Repulpable Paper Cups

Sweden-based AR Packaging has introduced fully repulpable paper cups manufactured with industrial cup forming technology in Russia and the UK.

The cups have been designed with major focus on sealing consistency, efficiency and barrier performance while retaining the repulping properties of the paper cup.

AR Packaging said in statement: “Together with our barrier experts, we now transfer this know-how into our food, food service and beverage segments to individually adjust the barrier performance to specific product demands.”

The firm offers paper based cups and containers for drinks, food, frozen foods, ice cream, liquids or microwaveable snacks.

Many of the firm’s paper based cups, which can be safe at temperatures ranging from frozen to 200 degrees, are suitable for fast food, barbeque and for reheating or freezing food at home.

Additionally, the firm has launched Boardio Eco, an eco-optimized carton packaging system designed to protect demanding products for customers.

Comprising higher carton board content, differentiating shapes and convenient features, the packaging has a large, recloseable opening for an easy-to-scoop and pour function.

Moreover, the packaging eliminates the need for inner bag, thus increasing the usability and consumer convenience of the product.

The firm said that Boardio is specifically designed for the protection of sensitive food, such as powders, which can be branded with a green image.

Capable of protecting the product’s content against micro leakage, the package features a top compartment for additional features such as scoop and promotion items.

The inner membrane of the package, which is said to be easy to open, and comes in two forms including BoardLid (oxygen barrier) and Push-n-Pull (moisture barrier).

ÅR Packaging Group designs, develops and manufactures folding carton and flexible packaging products.

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