Trade Resources Industry Views Foreigners See HUAWEI Unicorn 960 Chip: Praise and Doubt in The Same

Foreigners See HUAWEI Unicorn 960 Chip: Praise and Doubt in The Same

As the cornerstone of the smart phone platform, SoC processor status is always the core, and in the current mobile processor industry, apple, Samsung, Qualcomm are the industry leader. HUAWEI unicorn is the most typical representative of the power of China, from the early years of the unknown, to today's first-class standards, the industry's attention, one step at a time. After many years of experience, the kylin chip has reached the world advanced level.

Foreigners See HUAWEI Unicorn 960 Chip: Praise and Doubt in The Same

In October 19, 2016, HUAWEI released its new kylin kylin 960, compared to the previous 950 has a comprehensive upgrade, set a number of technological innovation in a body, have great progress in performance, life, pictures, audio, communications, security six aspects, in many parts of the industry are the first time, such as the first episode of Cortex-A73 CPU Mali-G71 core and GPU core, the first Vulkan API complete business plan, starting UFS 2.1 flash memory technology, integration of new micro kernel I6 for the first time, trusted connection concept, integrated research and GSM baseband etc..

The first 960 kylin carried on the HUAWEI Mate 9 series mobile phone, the actual performance is quite good, especially the CPU run of the performance fully rolled Qualcomm snapdragon 821. In addition, HUAWEI also launched a new EMUI 5 operating system, the first is based on the Android 7, support intelligent learning, long time use is not caton.

960 after the release of kylin industry, also received numerous comments from professional media, authority, CCTV has also made special interview, showing its performance over apple iPhone7, the Third World Conference of the Internet is to be included in the "Internet leading technology", and University of Science and Technology of China quantum computing technology, the world's first Taihu light supercomputer Shenwei racing together bridle to bridle.

Foreigners see Unicorn 960: praise and doubt in the same

HUAWEI mobile phone always adhere to the globalization, although currently only HUAWEI kylin chip mobile phone use, did not open, but still got more and more attention, including from the international attention more and more, no less than the domestic.

After the kylin 960 release, a large number of foreign media have authority from various angles were reported, and some do not have any emotional color, introduces the specifications 960 kylin is finished, some very exciting to highlight is analyzed, especially focusing on the comparison of kylin 960 and apple A10, Qualcomm snapdragon 821 two today's mobile processor flagship product.

But for a variety of advanced technology 960 kylin and HUAWEI's high-profile publicity, the foreigner is a surprise and admiration, on the other hand also have reservations, do not seem to believe that it can surpass 821 Xiaolong, A10, almost unanimously hope to see the real equipment and the actual performance. Obviously, a lot of people still feel some lack of confidence in kylin chip.

Next, we will see how the foreigners specifically say it:

The Tech Portal: Apple A10 and Qualcomm snapdragon 821 is a chip, the only standard benchmark test scores is not the measure of a chip quality, is not the most important standard, but since 960 kylin achievements beyond them, you can know how much....... However, (Unicorn 960) chip may allow people to HUAWEI's future is expected to have a higher, but still allow us to be equipped with Unicorn 960 processor Mate 9 prayer bar.

BGR: HUAWEI released a mobile phone based on the unicorn 960 before, we are not good to say anything, but it is clear that HUAWEI in this new chip is very beautiful.

Tom 's' Guide: when the unicorn 960 appears on the HUAWEI device in the future, you will find it enough to compete based on Fusion iPhone chip A10 7.

AnandTech: obviously, HUAWEI will be located in the unicorn 960 other high-end SoC released this year on top.

Android Central: HUAWEI has used the rumored Galaxy will appear in the S8 GPU.

Reviews Trusted: as with any flagship CPU, the core or the speed. In order to show how fast the new chip, HUAWEI will be an unknown Unicorn 960 processor with apple iPhone 7, Samsung Note Galaxy 7 conducted a positive comparison. Open 14 applications, of which two are faster than the other 13 mobile phones. HUAWEI also shows some benchmark tests. The apple A10 is still in the GeekBench single core test to dominate, but surprisingly core test more than 6000 points higher than A10, Xiaolong 821.

Authority Android: Unicorn 960 has the latest generation of GPU Mali, the fastest ARMCPU core and upgrading of network technology, not only than the previous generation has many improvements, compared to competitors have a lot of advantages.

Arena Phone: the slide shows the unicorn 960 in the benchmark test is how to beat the competitors. GFXBench 960 kylin after Apple A10, GeekBench inside 960 kylin slightly weaker than in the single core aspects of the apple A10, but the core without any adversary, other tests showed 960 hanging all opponents kylin.

Headline Android: Unicorn 960 is HUAWEI's latest flagship processor, but also the company's efforts to bring the most powerful chip. Unicorn 960 performed well in the test, more than any processor core test, including apple A10.

CNET: HUAWEI and apple, is the industry's number of mobile phone brands can not make an independent processor, and the latest Unicorn 960 looks like a winner.

WCCFTech: the official arrival of the Unicorn 960...... It's pretty awesome, especially with the world's most powerful mobile GPU...... But do you think this can make Mate 7 better than the Samsung Note Galaxy 9 is worth starting with it?

FirstPost: from the official given chart, unicorn 960 is indeed the fastest mobile chip, but also beyond the apple.

NDTV: the new Unicorn 960 has not only brought about a significant increase in graphics and storage subsystem performance, but also greatly enhance the battery life, but do not know Mate 9 can give full play to the advantages of Unicorn 960?

XDA Developers: at present, kylin 960 is a powerful chip and other chips in many ways ahead in 2016, but next year we will see Qualcomm Xiaolong 835, apple A11 and Samsung Exynos, how long 960 kylin can hold on?

The Guardian: the original performance, kylin 960 processor is Android camp of the king of kings.

Radar Phone: Samsung and Qualcomm's future flagship processor released in 2017, will be more powerful than the Unicorn 960. 2017, we are also looking forward to HUAWEI to release the unicorn 960 upgraded version, in this fast iterative world better competition.

Unicorn 960 is really that good?

Processor is a small chip, but the high level of technology, the whole world can do a few. Apple, Qualcomm, Samsung, qualcomm...... These are the names of the Chinese for having heard it many times, but the local chip, the most famous is the HUAWEI kylin.

HUAWEI kylin history has been a long time, but not in the early years of the "Everything is going smoothly., especially K3V2 million years" controversial, GPU graphics performance has been inadequate, but step by step down, eventually reaching 960 kylin class level.

From the paper specifications, kylin quite gorgeous, bright is beyond count. It can be said, unicorn 960 in a mobile SoC can think of, should do, have their own innovation, and many are walking in the forefront of the world, a lot of technology even Qualcomm has not been achieved. For a long time, the world first-class level processor behind the lack of own innovation ability, which is commendable.

Foreign media reported kylin 960, also the specification provides a detailed analysis, especially praise its flagship status and start innovation, compares the advantages of apple A10 and Qualcomm snapdragon 821, but also to the high technology into practical experience, can very good service for users, Dave this is a clear understanding, have to wait to see the actual performance of the mobile phone 960 kylin.

Overall, 960 China local chip as the real kylin's latest work, its debut is definitely worthy of "amazing" two words, regardless of technology or performance are exciting, both at home and abroad have not been praised. In the end is a mule is a horse? Next, pull out yo......

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