Trade Resources Industry Views Owners of HTC Re Camera Can Access The Update From January 9 Via The Google Play Store

Owners of HTC Re Camera Can Access The Update From January 9 Via The Google Play Store

The HTC RE camera might seem like a strange, distant memory for most of you, but HTC most definitely hasn't forgotten about it.

The action cam’s next update – due tomorrow – will bundle live YouTube streaming onto the device’s Android apps.

This means that users will be able to stream events as they happen direct to YouTube, all via the periscope-esque shooter.

Owners of the RE can access the update from January 9 via the Google Play store, while Apple users can expect the update later in Q1 this year.

“The new live streaming feature allows RE users to not only capture great video with ease, but also to share special moments and favourite events with those who can’t be there,” said a spokesperson for the Taiwanese firm.

“Friends across the world or travelling family members won’t miss any live action.”

Once you’ve got the update, all you need to do is sign into your YouTube account on the RE app.

Live footage can then be transferred direct through your smartphone and then onto YouTube.

You can also invite people to view a particular event with a shareable broadcast link.

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Should you not be keen on showing off all your RE-sired footage, the option to save video to a microSD card still exists, as well as storage on your smartphone or the cloud.

If you’re already sold on the RE, you can pick one up in the UK now for £129 – blue and white colour options available.

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HTC RE Camera Gets Live Youtube Streaming From Tomorrow