Trade Resources Industry Views ILC Dover to Unveil New Xtrakt Packaging System at Pack Expo

ILC Dover to Unveil New Xtrakt Packaging System at Pack Expo

ILC Dover is set to unveil new Xtrakt Bulk Liquid Dispensing System for customers in the personal care, chemical and food industries at this year’s Pack Expo event in Las Vegas.

Pack Expo will take place from 25 to 27 September.

Xtrakt is a patent-pending system, which features advanced drive unit, deployment cart and custom-designed liquid liner.

The system has been developed to dispense high-viscosity liquids, including lotions, creams, lubricants, liquid polymers, oils and syrups from shipping and transfer totes such as intermediate bulk containers or IBCs.

Xtrakt drive unit can resist thousands of dispense cycles, while handling the severities of the manufacturing environment.

The system also features a double-walled liner by using an advanced polymer with special surface texturing, helping to guide the drive unit along the liner's full length and continuously present product to the discharge pump.

ILC Dover packaging and personal safety division manager and vice president Glenn LeBlanc said: “Our project objective, which has been met very successfully, was to develop an easy-to-use system that could drastically reduce the residual material left in shipping and transfer tote liners after dispensing, especially for viscous liquids.

“By applying ILC's expertise in engineering, processing system design, advanced materials and bulk packaging technology to our customers' operational requirements, we were able to create a highly efficient dispensing system unlike any other on the market."

ILC Dover, which manufactures spacesuits for NASA, also produces powder handling systems for pharmaceutical and life sciences applications, bulk packaging systems, personal protection equipment and lighter-than-air systems.

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