Trade Resources Industry Views VIZIO Today Released Its All-new 2014 E-Series Full-Array LED Backlit HDTV Collection

VIZIO Today Released Its All-new 2014 E-Series Full-Array LED Backlit HDTV Collection

VIZIO, one of America's leading SmartTV companies, today released its all-new 2014 E-Series Full-Array LED backlit HDTV collection. Backed by the brand's leadership in HDTV technology, the VIZIO E-Series line-up – now available at retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Costco, Sam's Club, Target, and Walmart – features Full-Array LED backlighting with Active LED Zones and the latest smart TV platform, VIZIO Internet Apps Plus。

VIZIO's new E-Series features the latest technology at the best value, and is available in a full range of screen size classes from 23" to 70". Among the first at this price band, VIZIO is introducing advanced local dimming technology and Full-Array LED backlighting on most of the new models, with up to 18 Active LED Zones delivering better light uniformity for a more vibrant, beautiful picture. In addition, sports and fast-action scenes are now clearer than ever, thanks to Clear Action 180, available on several models. By combining powerful image processing and effective refresh rates, VIZIO delivers next-level clarity, reducing motion blur and minimizing retina burn.

"VIZIO is focused on presenting consumers with an entirely new value proposition by enhancing the picture quality and performance of the E-Series collection," said Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO. "We are excited to bring advancements like Full-Array LED backlighting that doubles the Active LED Zones for the E-Series line-up and are already receiving great consumer feedback." 

The 2014 E-Series collection provides value-conscious shoppers with a great step-up in picture quality not typically found in TVs in this price range. Active LED Zones offer purer black levels with higher contrast, created by the dynamic adjustment of the LED backlight in each Active LED Zone, based on the content displayed on screen. More zones allows for more discrete control of the LED backlight, resulting in improved contrast and a more beautiful picture. 

"Local dimming is a technology that allows LED LCDs to overcome one of their biggest picture quality problems – grayish, washed-out renditions of black – by selectively dimming and brightening different parts of the screen. Done right, it works wonders," said CNET, December 19, 2013. 

The new E-Series smart TV models include built-in Wi-Fi and VIZIO's latest generation smart TV platform, VIZIO Internet Apps Plus. Consumers can enjoy premium apps such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iHeartRadio, HuluPlus, VUDU and YouTube as well as new apps like Spotify, Plex and AirCastLive which will roll out in the coming months. VIZIO Internet Apps Plus allows consumers to enjoy advanced features like second screen interactivity that enables users to surf for content on their smartphone or tablet and then from their mobile device, play the content on the TV. With initial support by YouTube and Netflix, the second screen functionality works with Android and Apple iOS smartphones and tablets when the TV and device are on the same Wi-Fi network. Playback control of content sent to the TV can also be managed from the corresponding app on the mobile device.

In addition to enhanced picture quality and VIZIO's latest smart TV platform, the updated E-Series collection sports an even sleeker design for 2014.  When compared to 2013 models, the latest offerings feature an up to 33% narrower frame and up to 30% thinner profile.  

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Breakthrough Step-up in Picture Quality with Advanced Local Dimming and Full-Array LED Backlighting Now Available with Launch of 2014 Vizio E-Series Collection