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Google Pixel 2 Leak Suggests Third Phone Is Seriously Powerful

Rumours of Google’s secretive plans to launch three Google Pixel phones this year have been bolstered by a new leak.

Since the release of Google’s first ever 'Made By Google' smartphones – the Google Pixel and Pixel XL – late last year, speculation about successors has been rife. The working theory is that there’ll be three phones this year, developed under the following aquatic codenames: ‘Muskie’, ‘Walleye’, and ‘Taimen'.

The good news is that a device bearing the name ‘Google Taimen’ has turned up in the databases of mobile benchmarking app Geekbench. While this isn’t absolute confirmation that Google is launching a third, larger Pixel handset, it’s definitely worth noting.

According to the benchmark readout, the Google Taimen phone will feature 4GB of RAM, and run on a octa-core Qualcomm processor clocked to 1.9GHz. It’s widely expected that the Google Pixel 2 will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835, which also has eight cores.

The good news is that the benchmark readout appears to showcase respectable test results for the supposed Pixel device. Here’s the Taimen compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Sony Xperia XZ Premium, both of which use the Snapdragon 835. We’ve also thrown in a leaked OnePlus 5 readout for good measure:

Google Taimen: Single Core: 1804 | Multi Core: 6284Galaxy S8: Single Core: 1929 | Multi Core: 6084Xperia XZ Premium: Single Core: 1943 | Multi Core: 5824OnePlus 5: Single Core: 1963 | Multi Core: 6687

Unfortunately, we can’t say anything for certain until Google makes an official announcement, so take this leak with a pinch of salt.

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