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Intel Developing New Technologies for AI

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Intel has been aggressively developing technologies and products for the artificial intelligence (AI) market and has acquired companies including Altera, which focuses on FPGA technology, Nervana Systems for machine learning technologies and Mobileye, the largest ADAS supplier. The CPU giant's new processors codenamed Lake Crest, are currently in testing to be optimized for neural networks.

The company also has a new processor series codenamed Knights Crest that is designed to integrate its Xeon processor with Nervana's technologies.

Nvidia and Qualcomm have also been aggressively competing for the AI market, while Internet service providers including Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM and Microsoft are all pushing development of AI-related applications.

Since 5G networking is also going to play an important role in the AI market, Intel has already accelerated its product development and testing plans and has formed partnerships with telecom carriers and equipment suppliers, looking to speed up the development of the new communications technology.

Autonomous driving is a major application of the AI market, and Intel's high market share in the datacenter server market is expected to give the CPU giant a competitive advantage in terms of data processing. Other key applications include medical care and security.

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Intel Developing New Technologies and Hardware for AI Applications