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Crown Launches New Closure Technology for PET Containers

Crown Holdings has introduced new metal closures, which can be used for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers.

Food manufacturers can use the new metal closures for different products such as jams, tomato sauce, salsa and pickles.  

The new closures, which are designed for use on different PET container sizes, can be fully decorated and applied with the same equipment that is used to fix metal closures to glass containers.

They can be used with Crown’s existing straight line vacuum equipment, helping brands to avoid the revamping of their products.

Crown technology and regulatory affairs executive vice president Dr Daniel Abramowicz said: “There are a number of benefits that result from choosing this metal closure/plastic container combination.

“For example, for brand owners, products maintain their high quality look on store shelves and support image consistency.”

“Consumers will appreciate that the package is unbreakable and noticeably lighter and easier to transport to and from the supermarket.”

Last October, Crown Food Europe, a unit of Crown, launched a new metal can called Peelfit for the dry food market.

Developed to meet the demands for greater convenience, lightweighting and product protection, the Peelfit can is available in a 99mm diameter format and is manufactured in the UK.

Through its subsidiaries, Crown provides packaging beverage packaging, food packaging, aerosol packaging, metal closures and specialty packaging products to consumer marketing companies across the globe.

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