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Bosch to Exhibit Industry 4.0 Solutions at Interpack Event

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Bosch Packaging Technology is set to exhibit its new industry 4.0 solutions, which are designed to enhance manufacturing operations, at this year’s Interpack event.

Format part management, which is based on RFID technology, will help machine operators to carry out correct format changes with all format parts installed in the right position.

The format parts are identified through an RFID tag, while operators will be provided with relevant information about the format change via the format part ID.

Bosch’s maintenance support system (MSS) will allow operators and maintenance engineers to effectively execute all kinds of maintenance activities.

The operations assistant will help to create and store step-by-step instructions including text, images and videos, while maintenance assistant will provide operators with real-time information and instructions for upcoming maintenance and cleaning jobs.

Remote service application will enable to rectify faults before leading to production disruptions, while Shopfloor remote assistant will allow to exchange additional images, videos and audio files.

The Line dashboard is said to offer enhanced visualization of all relevant parameters, helping to deliver appropriate information to reduce walking distances and downtime.

Bosch’s augmented reality (AR) application enables employees to effectively perform maintenance activities with providing step-by-step instructions on their tablet, including of real machine images and detailed visual and textual information.

The virtual reality (VR) application allows operators to view the virtual image of their real machine, facilitating error location and troubleshooting for the operators.

Bosch Packaging Technology president Dr Stefan König said: “All of our industry 4.0 applications focus on humans.

“Machine operators, as well as maintenance and service staff receive the best possible support in their daily work – and can thus complete it faster and more efficiently.”

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