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Clariant Set to Revise Colorforward Trend-Watching Platform

Specialty chemicals producer Clariant is planning to revise its ColorForward trend-watching platform, designed to help forecast colors for use in plastics products and packaging.

In collaboration with its Masterbatches business unit, Clariant plans to launch its revised edition, ‘ColorForward 2019’, in January next year.

Clariant Masterbatches ColorWorks global head Maurizio Torchio said: “The 2019 edition of ColorForward will be the 13th we have published.

“When we began this mission to help our customers better understand the link between global trends, consumer preferences and colours, it was the first of its kind in the plastics industry.

“Since then, several other companies have begun to copy our concept. That’s one of the reasons we decided to update the package.”

Planned to be utilized by designers and brand managers, the ColorForward platform comprises the input from Clariant global color, design, marketing and polymer experts.

Clariant said that the experts will identify consumer trends and interests which could help influence customer behavior in the plastics industry.

Subsequently, the different color aesthetics will be selected by ColorForward team to evoke an emotional response from the consumer according to the selected trend, the firm noted.

Torchio added: "ColorForward helps us gain a better understanding of how consumer emotions are shaped by the complex world around them and how those emotions influence their preferences and the choices they make in day-to-day life.

“That understanding, in turn, helps designers and brand owners harness the power of color and other visual cues to help their products stand out in the marketplace.

“This is what has made ColorForward so successful and why the new design for 2019 will be even more valuable."

The new ColorForward package will comprise elements from all the three previous versions, including prototypes customized to the interests and requirements of the different markets.

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