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The Introduction of Micro-Chains

igus has given its micro-chains for tight design spaces a makeover and come up with a new modular system: clever design tricks such as the double stop system or the "brake" make the E2 micro versions even sturdier and quieter than their predecessors. With the e-chain E2.15 an increase in possible additional load of 100 per cent was achieved. With a self-supporting length of the upper run of up to 1.25 m, new application options are now possible in the tightest of spaces.

The micro-chains from igus are made up of very small one or two-part e-chains. Their low weight makes them extremely suitable for highly dynamic applications such as automatic doors, measuring machines, handling, pick-and-place robots or adjusting units.

With the series E2.10 and E2.15 the tribo-polymer company from Cologne has developed a new generation of micro-chains. The new energy chains are much sturdier than their same-size predecessors. The high stability is due in part to the clever design - a double stop system helps the E2.15 series to achieve an increase in possible additional load of up to 100 per cent. And with a maximum self-supported length of 1.25 m, 25 per cent more than with the predecessor chain, new application possibilities are possible even where space is extremely tight. New in the modular system are the micro-separating bridges, the catches of which guarantee a firm hold even with side fixtures. In addition, the round contours of the bridges ensure a particularly smooth interior that goes easy on the cables. A built-in "brake" dampens stop noises and guarantees smooth running.

Opening tool for assembly in seconds

The E2 micro system includes connection elements in different versions - rigid, one-sided and two-sided pendulum bearings. This means the E2 micro can be mounted in any direction on the chain and attached to the machine - including on the front when the quick flange clipped in at the side is used. This allows the E2 micro to be used for all applications - horizontally, vertically downwards or upwards, circular or even lateral.

A further aspect of the new E2 micro is its fast and easy installation. There is an entering diagonal worked into the bolts of the sides to make assembly easier. Every E2 chain is delivered with a plastic opening tool to make installation even faster. The tool can be hinged open at the side and has wings which open all the bridges in seconds.

Modular system also for the smallest e-chains

The new e-chains differ from their one-part predecessors in terms of design too, the E2 micro system is available in the igus-specific modular range in three variants: Alongside a completely closed version, the E2 micro can be opened with two different bridge versions in the outer or inner radius. At the moment, all versions with an inner width of 20 mm for the heights 10 mm and 15 mm are available. Gradually, after the Hanover Fair, both series will be manufactured in seven further widths each.

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Igus Introduces The New Generation of Micro-Chains
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