Trade Resources Industry Views Adidas China Raked in CSR Awards in 2015

Adidas China Raked in CSR Awards in 2015

Adidas will emerge from 2015 with one of China's best reputations for corporate social responsibility thanks to recognition from a variety of domestic non-profits and the Chinese Communist Party.

On Nov. 1, the Chinese Academy of Social Enterprise and Responsibility Research Center listed Adidas China among the  10 most influential and authoritative multinational corporations in the country in terms of CSR.

Adidas China was recognized by the public Environmental Research Center (IPE) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as operating one of the "greenest" supply chains among 167 global brands it  monitors.

Adidas China's CSR efforts were also recognized via the:

"2015 China Environmental Social Responsibility Beautiful Model Award" from the China Environmental Journalists Association."2015 China Corporate Citizenship Outstanding Public Projects Award" from the China Social Work Association of Corporate Citizenship Commission."2015 Annual Responsibility Brand Award" from the Fifth Plenum of the Chinese Communist Party Central Committee. "Corporate Social Responsibility Driving Force Award" from the China Philanthropy Times.

"Without a doubt, 2015 was the Adidas Group most significant year in China for CSR achievements," said Adidas Group Managing Director Colin Currie. "Adidas efforts were widely recognized, won many awards and we feel very proud."

Leveraging sports to advance positive change

Adidas China has also made promoting soccer through grassroots promotions a key plank in its CSR program.

In August, the company signed a three-year cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Education to promote the game. The agreement aims to train 6,000 PE teachers a year and have 20,000 primary and secondary schools participating in soccer by 2017. Adidas will provide free training and  an app as well as equipment with the goal of making China a global "football power" within 10 years.

Adidas China leveraged its relationship with pro athletes to do good works.  In June 2015, for instance, NBA superstar and Adidas brand ambassador Jeremy Lin worked with a Beijing school for the mentally retarded to highlight Adidas' commitment to helping vulnerable groups of children and promote basketball and other sports.

Adidas China has made a major investment in working with rural children since 2008. By the end of 2014, it had helped 13,864 children regularly participate in the customized sports activities and in November 2015, its employees volunteered to help kindergarteners in Sichuan Province participate in all kinds of sports activities.

"We firmly believe in our power as a leading sporting goods company to use the sports movement to bring positive change to individuals, communities and even society," Adidas said.  "Adidas will unswervingly commit to helping the development of athletes at all levels, and promote China's sports undertakings."

Adidas expects to end 2015 with more than 8,500 stores in first-tier and emerging Chinese cities.  

Adidas China will follow Adidas Group's global strategic framework which calls for expanding retail coverage and building market share in soccer, running, women and children in core cities.

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