Trade Resources Industry Views Whole World Is Going to Converge on Paris to Jion The Technological Showcase,JEC Europe

Whole World Is Going to Converge on Paris to Jion The Technological Showcase,JEC Europe

The whole world is going to converge on Paris, the composites capital, to take part in the industry's largest international technological showcase: "JEC Europe - Composites Show & Conferences", from March 12 - 14, 2013 at the Paris Porte de Versailles. 

Conferences and a trade show of an unprecedented scale

Twelve key themes will be highlighted during the 3-days trade show: Design, Non-Destructive Testing, Robotics, Aeronautics, Automotive, E-car, Wind Power, Carbon, Biocomposites, Thermoplastics, Multifunctional Materials and Environment. 

With 50,000 sqm of floor space, the equivalent of 8 soccer fields, the JEC Show will represent the global composites industry and its most recent advances in heavily composite-consuming sectors such as aerospace, aeronautics, shipbuilding, railway, automotive, mass transportation, construction, equipment and sports & leisure. 

A growing sector

"The global composites market represents 81.6 billion euros in value and 9.2 million metric tons in volume for 2012. This market is growing an average of 6% per year. Composites are used more and more often to lighten structures, aircraft, and vehicles in general, thus improving energy efficiency," states Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President and CEO. 

An innovative industry

"Innovation is present in each of the steps of the value chain. Producers of raw materials (polymers, as well as carbon, glass and natural fibers) have heavily invested in the research and development of new formulations. Downstream, at the part manufacturing level, the industry is also highly innovative." 

Manufacturing technologies, an area of excellence for JEC Europe 2013

"The sector, notably in Europe, has strongly advanced in the processing of composites. Especially in Europe, innovation is directed towards manufacturing, and in particular, mass production," specifies Frédérique Mutel. "Of all the patents granted for composites in Europe in 2011-2012, 52% involved robotics and automated manufacturing processes. It is probable that these technological advances will primarily interest major international contractors and decision-makers in countries with rapidly growing populations and economies." 

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