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Bamboo Floor Introduction

Bamboo floor is a new building and decoration material made from quality natural bamboo. It is produced through more than 20 processes, like sap removal, high temperature and pressure extrusion, multilayer painting, and infrared drying. With its natural advantage and excellent performance, bamboo floor becomes a new and green building material. Because of its natural texture of bamboo, bamboo floor also makes one feel elegant and back to nature. It has many features, such as the same as wood, using quality flooring adhesive of national standard, produced through 26 processes by advanced equipment and technology, of wood floor’s natural beauty and ceramic tiles durability.

Types of Bamboo Floor

There are two kinds of bamboo floor in the market divided by color. One is the natural color, which is of a smaller color difference than wood floor due to smaller growth radius and less sunlight affected. Bamboo floor made from fresh bamboo has rich texture, well-proportioned and unified color. The natural color also includes original color and carbonized color. Original color is varnished and bright, while carbonized color is similar with walnut wood, baked and calm. The other is the artificial color, with various colors but not obvious texture.

Prospects of Bamboo Floor

The Chinese bamboo floor has been in the market for about ten years. Being a natural green material and with an annual production of about 11.6 million tons, bamboo is the second forest resource in China and accounts for about 1/3 of the world production. It solves the problem of wood shortage and provides a good opportunity for bamboo floor development. With features like straight texture, elegant color, stable size, and good reputation, bamboo floor has won favor and become mature. In the past few years the export of bamboo floor increased year by year, to Europe, USA, Canada and Southeast Asia. With a prospective market, it was also very popular and increased steadily in Northeast China like Beijing.

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