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LED Light Source High Efficiency The Luminous Efficiency Comparison

1, LED light source high efficiency The luminous efficiency comparison: Tungsten halogen light effect incandescent lamp, for 12 to 24 lumens/watts, fluorescent lamp 50-70 lumens/tile sodium lamp 90 140 lumens/watts, most of the power consumption into heat loss. LED efficacy: Can be sent to 50-200 lumens/tile, and the shine of monochromatic, narrow spectrum, without filter, can be an immediate colored light. 2, LED light source less power consumption LED single pipe power 0.03-0.06 watts, USES the dc drives, single pipe driving voltage 1.5-3.5 v. Current 15-18 ma reflect speed, can be in high frequency operation, use the same lighting effect, power consumption is one over ten thousand of incandescent lamp, fluorescent tube about half, Japan estimates, if use efficiency fluorescent lamp is even higher than 2 times LED Japan half of incandescent lamp replacement and fluorescent lamp, can save the equivalent of 6 billion liters each year crude oil, the same effect a fluorescent lamp more than 40 tile, and using LED the power of each only 8 watts. 3, LED light source with long service life Incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp is electronic light field radiation to shine, and the filament burn easily light, heat, light attenuation characteristics such as deposits, and using LED lamp small volume, light weight, epoxy resin packaging and can withstand high strength mechanical shock and vibration, not easy and broken, average life 100000 hours, the LED lamps and lanterns USES life can reach 5-10 years, can be greatly solitary low lamps and lanterns maintenance to avoid often change lamp of bitterness. 4, LED light source safety reliability Low calorific value, no heat, cold light source, the radioactive is safe to feel, can accurate control the light type and the light Angle, light color and, no glare, do not contain mercury, sodium elements such harmful substances. 5, LED light source is better for the environment All the lights, LED lights for solid impact resistance not easy and broken, waste recycling, no pollution decreasing the amount sulfur dioxide and nitrogen compounds and led light other harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions improve people living environment, can say “green lighting source. ” White LED technology production there are three: A, use 3 gezer principle and has now can produce red, green, and blue three high brightness LED by strong light 1: 2: 0.38 mixing ratio and into white, two kinds, use of super high InGan blue leds, the pipe on the total with a drill pomegranate as the main body of yttrium phosphor, it can inspire in blue light produced under the green light yellow, yellow and green light and give blue light synthesis white light, three of which are not system LED ultraviolet light, the three different schemes of ultraviolet light or other phosphor, produce more color mixture of white light. And, of course, energy efficiency is we consider using LED light source is the main reason, perhaps LED light source than traditional light source is expensive, but the use of a year of energy saving of the investment back light source, which can get the 4-9 years several times a year of net energy saving the cover period. Source: Ledknowledges. Org

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LED light source and the contrast of incandescent lamp advantages
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