Trade Resources Market View Leotek Electronics Has Won Procurement of About 6,000 LED Street Lamps

Leotek Electronics Has Won Procurement of About 6,000 LED Street Lamps

Leotek Electronics, a LED lighting maker belonging to the Lite-On Group, has won procurement of about 6,000 LED street lamps from Taipei City Government through open-bid competition, with shipments to begin in January 2013, according to the company.

Leotek has shipped about 80,000 LED street lamps globally so far in 2012, with the largest market share for LED street lamps and traffic lights in North America, the company indicated. Leotek expects LED street lamp shipments in 2013 to increase by 45% from 2012 and 2013 revenues by 30% to NT$2.0 billion (US$68.6 million), the company noted.

Including the procurement, Taipei City Government will procure 30,000 LED street lamps in 2012 at prices of below NT$8,000, with the four other open bids to be held until the end of 2012. The Taiwan government has offered subsidy budgets for procurement of 250,000 LED street lamps to be installed around Taiwan and has procured 35,000 units, with the remaining 215,000 to be procured in two years.

In order to compete in government procurement, Taiwan-based Everlight Electronics has unveiled SL-Victory, an LED street lamp model with a globally high luminous efficiency of 130lm/W and a replaceable power supply of 70W to 100W, according to the company. Everlight has landed orders for warm-color LED street lamps with luminous efficiency of 100lm/W from the US and Europe, the company indicated.

Delta Electronics, another Taiwan-based competitor, has obtained orders for 36,000 LED street lamps from the UK, the company pointed out.

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Leotek Wins Procurement of 6, 000 Led Street Lamps From Taipei Government
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