Trade Resources Market View The Garment Industry in India Occupies a Very Important Place

The Garment Industry in India Occupies a Very Important Place

The garment industry in India occupies a very important place. It is amongst the earliest sectors that evolved in the country. This industry caters to one of the basic needs of a person and has immense significance in improving the quality of life.

Need Of Quality Control In The Garment Industry

Metal detection is extremely crucial in the processing of textile and apparels. Most of the garment manufacturing companies today use these kinds of detector system during the production stage to ensure that all the products are safe and free from metal contaminants. Keeping products free from metallic contaminants is vitally important for a reputed manufacturer, as bad publicity, legal action and financial losses may possibly be the outcomes if a consumer gets injured through a broken needle or any other metallic contaminant left in the finished product during the manufacturing process.

A well-designed Garment Metal Detector has the ability to store different product settings in its memory. The options are generally easy to adjust and contain a failsafe detection procedure, well equipped with:

An audible alarm warning

Visual Status indicator

Automatic conveyor belt stopper and

Security key switches with restart facility

These Detectors are generally not affected by interference from factors such as temperature, humidity and static electricity and are designed to work with all types of machineries associated with the textile, garment industry, such as sewing machines, etc.

Basic Operation Of A Garments Detector

A common industrial detector usually operates on the principle of a 3 coil design. The 3 coil design uses an Amplitude Modulated transmission coil and two receiving coils one on the either side of the transmitter. The coils can fairly and easily detect very small metal objects. In fact the precision is so high that objects in size of 1mm or smaller can easily be detected.

These Detector has an opening whereby the products can easily pass through the coils. The opening of the detector allows the product to enter and exit through the three coil system producing an equal but mirrored signal.

On encountering a metal contaminant, the product creates an unequal disturbance in the coils. This change in the signal is then amplified through an electronic circuit. This amplification produces a unique signal to the device to remove the contaminated product from the conveyor system. 

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