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Coupon Code FAQs

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1. Where can I get coupons?

We reward our Star Buyer members with coupons for Online Trading orders at the Housewares & Daily Use Smart Expo on

  • For Star Buyers, you can get the coupon code from an email sent by
  • For general users, you can upgrade to Star Buyers to get the coupon code.

2. How to upgrade to a Star Buyer?

  • Have an account?

Send an email to with your trade information, and we will help you upgrade your account.

Business Type

Annual Purchase Volume

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  • Don’t have an account yet?

Go to create a buyer account, verify your email address and personalize your sourcing preferences. Click here to Join Free now.

3. How to use a coupon?

If you have a valid coupon code, you could select products for your Online Trading orders and input the coupon code on the Online Trading order page before checkout. Once you click Pay Now, it means the coupon will be used.


  • The coupon won’t be returned once used, even if you cancel the order or apply for a refund.
  • If you return any of the items purchased with a coupon, the coupon discount or value will be subtracted from the return credit.

4. Where can I find products for my Online Trading orders?

  • Search Online Trading products at the Housewares & Daily Use Smart Expo on
  • Find Online Trading products in the Showroom of our Smart Expo exhibitors.

5. Why I can’t place an Online Trading order? Is there any country/region limit?

The Online Trading Services are only available to 29 countries/ regions at present, there'll be more countries/regions available soon.

29 countries/regions include:

Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, Austria, Belgium, Iceland, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, Russia, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, The United Arab Emirates.

6. Why can't I use my coupons?

The possible reasons you can’t use the coupons:

  • The coupon you choose has expired.
  • The coupon code you input is incorrect.
  • our order value does not meet the discount amount as required, e.g., save $ 10 one every $ 100, your order value must be at least $ 100.
  • Your order doesn’t qualify for using coupons, such as, your order doesn’t meet the required minimum amount, or the coupon is only available for certain products, and etc.
  • Please email us at for help if you have any questions about your coupons.
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