Trade Resources Market View Pentair Was Recently Awarded Projects to Supply Equipment and Expertise

Pentair Was Recently Awarded Projects to Supply Equipment and Expertise

Pentair was recently awarded projects to supply equipment and expertise at desalination facilities - converting sea water to fresh water - in Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Oman and India, helping to generate more than 500 million liters of clean water daily.

"As fresh water demands increase in regions with an abundance of seawater, due to both a growing population and increased manufacturing needs, Pentair is uniquely positioned to partner with municipalities and industry to increase the potable water supply," said Todd Gleason, senior vice president of growth for Pentair. "Our proprietary membranes, membrane housings, pumps, valves, controls and filters work together to create highly efficient, integrated solutions for a variety of customer needs."

One such example of a customer challenge is a large city on the coast of India, which relied on water tankers to supply municipal water directly to residents. Pentair is providing equipment and expertise from both its Valves & Controls and Filtration & Process businesses for the planned desalination plant, which will supply fresh water to the city s five million residents.

Pentair products and technologies used across the projects include its X-Flow ultrafiltration membranes, CodeLine membrane housings, Vanessa and Keystone valves and Biffi and Alpha-Max actuators. Pentair utilizes some of the most advanced and proven technologies for desalination to address critical water shortages throughout the world. 

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Pentair Innovations Provide Solutions for Water Scarce Regions
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