Trade Resources News & Press Release Sino-US Cross-border Trade Cooperation Summit Successfully Held In Los Angeles

Sino-US Cross-border Trade Cooperation Summit Successfully Held In Los Angeles

Doing international trade for many years, Chinese suppliers finally realized, among many trade methods, direct selling excels in many ways. Now, Made-in-China. com launched Sino-US Cross-border Trade Platform, providing administrative, warehousing and logistics, financial, marketing, sales and aftersales services to Chinese suppliers, practically help them access US market conveniently and quickly. From Jun. 3 to Jun. 5, invited by Made-in-China. com, 12 Chinese companies involved themselves in the series of activities of the Cross-border Trade Cooperation Summit in Los Angeles. This begins their journey of direct selling to America. Meet with Quality Agents to Broaden Sales Channels Selling overseas means Chinese suppliers have to face the local consumers directly, to assembly an effective sales team and to build an after-sales service system from scratch. But most of the suppliers' current teams aren't familiar with US local markets and end users, so as common practice, they look for local agents. To meet the needs of Chinese suppliers, Made-in-China. com USA chose "Chinese Brands Seeking US Agents" as the first topic of the Summit. Made-in-China. com USA carefully selected more than ten premium Chinese suppliers which provide current hot-selling products, and brought their CEOs to the Summit to meet with US local agents and distributors face to face. The results were exciting: Ideas were exchanged, price and terms were negotiated and agreements were signed. Through Sino-US Cross-border Trade Platform, Chinese suppliers found their local "sales representatives", now quality Chinese products are a step closer to US consumers. Operate Locally to Gain More Made-in-China. com USA, situated in Ontario, California, at the intersection of Interstate 10 and 15, and just besides Ontario International Airport, enjoys a convenient communication and a perfect facility. Entrepreneurs attending this summit visited and impressed by the offices, the bricks and mortar product showrooms and the fulfillment center of Made-in-China. com USA. Local services provided by Made-in-China. com USA, such as US company registration, accounting, taxation and legal service, helps Chinese enterprises to explore US market in a very simple and inexpensive way. While the warehousing and product showroom services enable local buyers to see and check the products with their own eyes. And if interested, the buyers might just place orders right at the spot, instead of waiting for a month before the products ship to them from China. During the visiting, many local buyers did find products they want to source, and some Chinese entrepreneurs which haven't shipped their products to the warehouse said they'll definitely do so soon. State-Province Economic and Trade Summit Creates a Win-win Situation On Jun. 5, entrepreneurs from both China and US, wearing suits and ties, presented in the State-Province Economic and Trade Summit. At the summit, Mr. Xu Jianfeng, president of Made-in-China. com, made an introduction of Sino-US Cross-border Trade Platform, and exchange ideas with the entrepreneurs, concerning the development of e-commerce in US and China. Entrepreneurs were so interested in Sino-US Cross-border Trade Platform, that many of them expressed their intention to visit Made-in-China. com USA later. At the same time, representatives from local logistics carriers, banks and law firms are also expressed their interest in working with the Trade Platform. As Sino-US trade relations strengthen and broaden, new opportunities will emerge. New China is promoting its "Made in China 2025" strategy. Sino-US Cross-border Trade Platform will serve as a new and powerful channel, to help Chinese enterprises to build their brands internationally, selling internationally and profiting internationally.

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