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XD Has Now Moved The Pumps Into Extreme Service Applications

The design of this range of vane pumps has been widely used in prelube pump systems for lubrication of large engines prior to startup. XD has now moved the pumps into extreme service applications, available with either DC or AC powered motors.

XD 4

A 12/24 VDC powered vane pump to 15 l/min and 4 bar pressure rating.

XD4 is a continous duty design built for industrial and marine systems. Performance has been proven in a wide range of transfer applications where extreme temperatures, both high and low, are a system requirement.

With the 15 l/min flow rate, the pump is self priming, quit running with a permanent DC motor providing long life service.

XD 9

The AC version (1HP) of the range with flows to 34 l/min at pressures to 7 bars.

Applications can be found with fluids with poor lubricity and low film strenght. Pumps are also used for high temperature and viscosity services.

Compact and versatile for space considerations. Both the XD 9 pump head and base can be rotated for the best port and base configuration.

Other positive displacement pump products:

Prelube pump models to 55 l/min with AC/DC or air powered motors complete packages can also be supplied as well, in conjunction with the prelube pumps, offering a total installation.Variable speed gear pumpt to 400 cc/min designed for smooth continous operation to 7 bar pressure. Brushless 24 VDC motors for application in metering, dosing within chemical and medical systems. Remote set from a 0 to 5 Volts analog signal.

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