Trade Resources Industry Knowledge What to Consider While Buying Basin Faucet?

What to Consider While Buying Basin Faucet?

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If basin is the king of design then basin faucet is the crown of that king. Every king has its own crown and the identification of king can only be done through his crown. Same is the case with basin. An exceptional basin requires a stunning basin faucet.  The crown basin faucet can only be found if one has complete information about the basin faucet like its material, style, structure, surface treatment, installation and functional design. So, without out wasting a single moment, let’s dive straight into what to consider while buying a basin faucet?

The basis of every basin faucet is its material. The first thing to consider should be the material as it determines the core quality and cost of the basin faucet. Basin faucet is usually available in different materials like brass, bronze, stainless steel, plastic, steel, aluminum alloy and chrome. Every material has its own unique offerings like stainless steel will give you the contemporary look with durability and plastic will give you the option of cheap alternative.

The position and quantity of holes in the structure of basin is another key consideration to determine the right basin faucet. There are various position and quantities like basins with single hole, double hole basins, basins with three holes and basins with more than three holes. The single hole basin is the most common and simple one. More than one hole will provide the opportunity to add additional capabilities like handles etc. Following is the example of basin faucet positioned on single hole.

 What to Consider While Buying Basin Faucet?

Style is the most important aspect that needs deep consideration while buying basin faucet. It is inappropriate to opined that a stylish basin faucet is the requirement as almost every basin faucet has a style and can be called stylish. One should dive deep into the styles to fetch the exact required style. Basin faucets are usually available in contemporary, classic and traditional styles. A contemporary style is the one with most current design and features, a classic style is the one that depict the high-end early class of basin faucet and the traditional style is the one that is transmitted through the heart beats of generations. Following are the examples of contemporary, classic and traditional basin faucet respectively.

What to Consider While Buying Basin Faucet?_1

Every basin faucet has to be positioned like a crown of a king in order to make the basin the rightful heir of the throne of design. The design of the place and basin direct the position of installation of basin faucet. Basin faucets are usually installed as wall mounted and deck mounted. In the wall mounted basin faucet, it is installed in the upper wall of the basin and in the deck mounted; it is installed on the upper deck of the basin. Following are the examples of wall mounted and deck mounted basin faucet respectively.

What to Consider While Buying Basin Faucet?_2

Functional Design
In addition to above mentioned considerations, one should consider the functional designs of the basin faucets. Various functional designs are usually available like single handle, double handle, revolving and lifting designs. One should choose according to requirements, like if one is in the area where cold and hot water mixing is not required than a single handle would work just fine instead of double handle design.

In conclusion, one should never dethrone the complete design of a place by opting basin faucet for basin without taking into account the above mentioned considerations.

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