Trade Resources Industry Knowledge An Air Compressor Converts Power From Devices Can Then Be Released in Quick Bursts

An Air Compressor Converts Power From Devices Can Then Be Released in Quick Bursts

An air compressor converts power from devices like electric motor, gasoline engine or a diesel engine into kinetic energy by compressing and pressurizing the air, which can then be released in quick bursts. Another such a compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of a gas by reducing its volume. Compressors make use of pumps and valves. Pumps are used to transport and enable the device to increase the pressure of the gases and liquids and subsequently transport it through pipes. Valves act like stoppages or doors depending on the direction of flow of the liquids and gasses that are being compressed. These operate within devices and machines that involve the mechanism of compressors such as air filters.

Usage and Type of Compressors:

The compressors can be of various types such as Centrifugal, Mixed-flow, Axial-flow, Reciprocating, Rotary screw, Rotary vane, Scroll and Diaphragm compressors. There are two types of compressor pumps. One that is oil-lube and the other is oil-less. The one where oil is applied is less expensive than the oil free one whereas the oil free pumps yield to pressurized air of a far superior quality. When gas cylinders are filled, tires are filled and large scale industrial processes require compressed air, compressors are employed in the task of yielding in high or moderately pressurized air. The compressed air is used in refrigeration, oxygen cylinders for scuba divers and in cases where welding is done.

Types of Pumps and Valves used within Compressors:

Check valve - An air compressor check valve allows fluid or air to flow in only one specific direction. When compressor reaches the maximum unloading pressure, the check valves close and prevent back flow of the air. If the check valve is rendered dysfunctional due to prolonged usage, leaks are seen and the valve must then be replaced immediately.

Pressure Relief Valve/Safety Valve- The presence of severely high pressure necessitates a safety valve. A pressure relief valve is a precautionary measure that releases air smoothly and consistently into the atmosphere from the compressor in the scenario when the air pressure becomes excessively high.

Pumps-There are two types of pumps. Reciprocating pumps and centrifugal pumps. These are incorporated within the compressors for applying force and excessive pressure thereby, which the air is pressurized. For drawing in air by high suction forces and forcing the air through a small orifice which the drops the pressure and leads to subsequent pressure drops and thereby results in a drop of temperature. At the time of discharging too, the pumps let out the pressurized air into the atmosphere.

Unloader Valve- The unloader valve unloads air when the receiver reaches its set summit. Most of the time an unloader valve is positioned at or in close proximity to the pressure button, and when the button is switched either on or off, the unloader valve is either opened or closed.There are many different varieties of unloaders obtainable. They will fluctuate by the kind of compressor in addition to the air compressor manufacturers.

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