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Contemporary Sofas Feature Soft, Rounded Edges and Sleek, Simple Designs

Contemporary Sofa Styles

Contemporary sofas feature soft, rounded edges and sleek, simple designs. They often feature metal accents or a metal or covered base, unlike traditional sofas with their wood bases and sharper edges. Contemporary sofas come in the same styles as traditional sofas.

Contemporary Standard

Contemporary standard sofas are the basic sofas with no additional features, according to Home Click. Standard sofas are often the least expensive because of their simplicity. Their main components are the base, seating area and back, which are all connected into one solid and immobile unit. Cushions can be connected or removable. Some contemporary styles lack armrests for an even sleeker design.


Contemporary Sleeper

Sleeper sofas, also known as sofa beds, are another style that comes in a contemporary design. These sofas are heavier than the standard sofas thanks to the bed frame which folds into the sofa's base and hides beneath the seat cushions, according to Home Click. The bed frame usually includes a thin, pliable mattress that folds away with the frame. Sofa beds unfold to create a queen size or full size bed.


Contemporary Convertible

Convertible sofas also unfold to create a bed, but not with a bed frame tucked beneath the seat cushions, Home Click says. Instead, the seat cushions themselves unfold to make a sleeping area. The sofa backs often recline to add to the sleeping area. They, too, unfold to create a queen or full size bed. They need no additional mattress as the seat cushions serve as one. Convertible sofas are generally cheaper and easier to use than sofa beds, Home Click notes.

Contemporary Recliner

Recliner sofas live up to their name by providing a back that reclines, according to Home Click. Only one or two portions of the back usually reclines, each lined up with an individual seat cushion. The portions will recline independently of one another and often include a foot rest. The foot rest will also line up with an individual seat cushion and emerge when you recline the back portion of the sofa. Some recliners will have levers to adjust and lock the back and foot rest into place while others will recline when you lean back on it.

Contemporary Sectional

Sectional sofas are divided into different parts that can be easily rearranged or moved around the room, according to Home Click. Some parts of the contemporary sectional sofa may have added features, like the ability to recline or individual foot rests. Sectionals that include cup holders, compartments for storing the remote control and other accessories like removable arm rests fall under the category of home theater sofas.

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Contemporary Sofa Styles
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