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EPA Certification Process Was Introduced

1. EPA Certification Advisory

You can telephone, fax, e-mail and any way to our initial intention to apply (for example: Which types of products, which certified the application, the specific models and specifications, product samples and description, etc.).

We will provide you the general situation, to advise you on the best possible certification program, the pre-test information such as documents and drawings requirements and costs related to preliminary estimates. At the same time, we will provide you with "the application", "agent authorized by the notice" and other documents to prepare to fill.

2. To apply for EPA certification

You will be signed and sealed by the "application", "agent authorized by the notice" to return to Division I, as required to prepare relevant information;

We will receive the above-mentioned documents and information, formally accepted its application and establish the project and at the same time drawing up a "certification agent commission agreement" (the two sides concluded a treaty of the certification business in order to clear the responsibilities and obligations of each other, in duplicate).

3. Signed

You will be signed and sealed by the above-mentioned "agreement" to return to Division I, and the "Agreement" the terms of payment of associated costs;

We will receive the signed and sealed by the "Agreement" and the proof of payment, the designated project engineer in charge of this project, and select with the appropriate laboratory and engineers.

4. Technical support (optional)

To your request, our project engineers will explain to you and your product-related standards and safety requirements; arrangement and structure of pre-diagnostic testing; information will be translated into English, such as Chinese.

Above the level of technical support will be to determine the specific workload.

5. Ready for inspection

Our project engineer will be timely feedback with the certification body linked to the progress and let you test or repeat the test requirements and the exact cost of the sample, as well as the accreditation body to sign a series of documents (such as the certification body of the application form, structural parameters of Table to track service agreements, etc.).

You ready to sample in accordance with the requirements, documentation, testing costs, and sent to our project engineer.

6. Censorship

Our project engineer will provide you with samples, materials, costs to be submitted to the appropriate certification bodies or laboratories, and certification programs in a timely manner to track the progress of the test information feedback until the end of the project.

7. Repeat test

If the test failed there, you can sample the rectification, re-samples, repeat testing; also can cancel the project, when in a mature application.

Our engineers will give the rectification, and rectification of samples to help you.

8. Through product testing and document review, by the certificate;

9. Follow-up services (optional)

After the end of the certification, we provide the most appropriate free value-added services, can be different based on your request for a series of annual services, such as: correspondence and the translation of information in lieu of payment to replace the modified pages, the application changes

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