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A Refrigerator or Fridge Is an Electro-Mechanical Equipment

A refrigerator or fridge is an electro-mechanical equipment that consists of a thermally insulated compartment and a compressor that transfers heat from the inside of the fridge compartment to its external surroundings so that the inside space of the fridge is kept below the room temperature. Refrigeration is a widely accepted system to store the food items for longer days. A refrigerator is a must have kitchen equipment in developed countries. Not only for food items, these refrigerators are also used to store medicines, chemicals, beverages, raw food items safely.

Refrigerators are classified into two types namely residential and commercial refrigerators. Residential refrigerators are smaller in size and used as a household appliance for storing consumable food items. Commercial refrigerators are very bulk in size and used in hotel, restaurants, bars, industries, manufacturing units, godowns, departmental stores etc. The commercial refrigerators can be used not only to store food products, but also for industrial products, drugs, chemicals, minerals, alcohols, agricultural products etc. Residential refrigerators come in specific size and capacity; where as commercial refrigerators can be manufactured to custom volumes and capacity.

Unlike residential units, the commercial refrigerators involve lots of maintenance activities due the volume of storage it handles. They are fabricated in a customized design using stainless steel materials. Horizontally they are long and height of these will be less. Commercial refrigerators need very high capacity compressors and due to which the electricity it consumes is more. Commercial refrigeration equipments play a vital role in many kinds of establishments and shops.

There are many factors which you need to consider while going for refrigerators. First and foremost thing is the volume. How much food items you need to store and for how many days? What is the average storage time (or keep time) you need? Based on this you can decide the size of the refrigerator. Buying the larger fridge unnecessarily may cost you larger space and electricity consumption. On the other hand buying a smaller fridge may not be sufficient to keep your all commodities safe. Unlike residential fridges, commercial fridges does not require brand manufacturer. Usually it is manufactured buy a commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers if you give your specific requirements. These kitchen equipment manufacturers buy the compressors and other machines required; by a reputed vendor and place them in the pre-designed cabinet, by allocating required freezer or cooler space. They can design in any specific layout or shape.

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